Frozen Shoulder Anyone?

Wow, that is huge :)  I guess chock it up to the list of issues us D1 gets :)  THank you.

Lots of experience with this! My wife and I each had cortisone shots and were then prescribed exercises. It worked, although I also did physical therapy (physical terrorists!). Surgery not usually required unless there is a significant tear or build up occurs. Good luck!

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After my first finger, my doctor said that he doesn't like to give cortisone shots to diabetics because it just temporarily lessons the pain for a couple weeks.  Nice.


A cortisone shot will usually only lessen the pain and swelling in an injury for a few weeks in anyone, not just T1s. The thought is that it will reduce the swelling to allow the body's natural healing processes to work better in that area and by reducing pain, patients are better able to do the exercises that will also help. I know many people are not T1 who have cortisone shots in different joints - with mixed results. The BG thing is an extra side effect to weigh in the decision to have one if you are T1.

And I have never even heard of frozen shoulder. This has been an enlightening discussion.

I have had type 1 DM for 25 years and have 2 frozen shoulders.  My dominant arm froze first.  Since it was diagnosed 4 years ago, I have undergone steroid injections and a year of PT on my right with no improvement.  My left shoulder froze 20 months ago.  I underwent 6 months of PT with NO improvement, then arthroscopic surgery, then 4 more months of PT with no improvement.  I am scheduled for another arthroscopic surgery and manipulation in a few days.  I am hoping that this will be the cure that I have searched for.  I have no ROM on either shoulder.  Good luck!


Wow that sounds really frustrating!!! I went through the manipulation and my shoulder is pretty sore but I am doing all of the PT 4 times a day in hopes that I can make the pain go away.  I am okay with losing a little bit of rotation/degrees of movement but the pain is what I wanted to be gone.  So far (5 days out) from surgery I have more motion but the pain is still there.  Let me know how your sugery goes...I am very curious.  I have also been stretching my right shoulder too in hopes of preventing that :)

How did your surgery go? I have had two manipulations with release of adhesions....not successful.......My left shoulder is beginning to freeze as well.  I am obsessed with frozen shoulders- I wish you the best,


I'm now four+ months out from my manipulation/arthroscopic surgery and doing well.  I stopped the anti-inflammatories three weeks ago and am pretty much pain free (I did a cartwheel at a girls practice (to prove to those 9 - 12 year olds that I could) and had a bit of pain when I hit that rotation/weight combo, also have pain if I try to throw a softball with full rotation).  I am not at 100% motion, but I'm close and I think just strength needs to be improved.

The fact that I am sleeping through the night again is wonderful.    Hoping to keep both shoulders from refreezing...   it's a long haul.  

My manipulation went good and it felt good for a month.  I went back in and found that I lost motion and my pain is slowly coming back...I just want to lift weights again, put on a jacket, and wrestle with my husband without pain :(

This thread got me to my Dr. The good/bad news is I don't have frozen shoulder. Nope just plain worn out, socket and ball is bone on bone. My only choice is shots till I decide to have replacement surgery. Lucky me???? LOL

Good luck with your shoulder! I have had shoulder issues on and off since I was about 15 (frozen shoulder) and then started having troubles in 2007 that required surgery which, I won't lie, was horrible.....way worse than recovering from my c-section but, after about 3 months it felt better and then after a year was pain free and has not bothered me since so depending on how bad your pain is it may be worth it but I would try everything else first. Also, my surgery was in part due to hurting it wakeboarding and they did three procedures: a subscupularis tendon reattachment , a bicep tendonois (not sure on spelling) and then a repair on the rotator cuff, so I'm not sure if my recovery was a little longer because of the level of work they had to do. All the orthopedic docs I've seen over the years, when I tell them I'm T1, always indicate that shoulder problem are common among diabetics, although I'm not sure of the specific numbers. I've also read some things since having my surgery that have indicated that cortisone can make tendons more brittle with chronic use, and had I read that before I had the surgery, I don't think I would have been as gung ho about getting so many injections.....even though they sure do make your shoulder feel better.

Okay, I just noticed that you wrote this last February so I don't know if getting it this late is of any help. Hope you're doing well!

Okay, I didn't read this entire thread before I posted. I'm trying to be stealthy and do this at work and missed a lot of the conversation and things you've already tried. If you have to have surgery, it was worth it in the long run IMO, but was a long recovery. I would say it's a year until you're 100% again, but I haven't had any problems in the last four years:)

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So I was diagnosed with "frozen shoulder" about 3 months ago.  I have been in pain for about 8 months now but now since physical therapy didn't do much they are going to do a shoulder manipulation.  I have read though that frozen shoulder is common in type 1 diabetics  (affecting about 20%) and that usually manipulation isn't enough that they need actually arthroscopic surgery....anyone have any experience?


OMG that is why my shoulder hurts so much...;-)

had it in BOTH shoulders at same time. not fun. manipulated it myself. couldnt get doctors to do anythign. that was pain beyond pain. but since then that has abated 95%, and other problems arise lol :S

Yeah, actually I've had frozen shoulder in BOTH shoulders, but at different times.  I did PT for a long time, in each case, but ended up with arthroscopic surgery....which worked, along with follow up PT.  I've also stopped using shoulder