Frozen shoulder both

hi my name is julie iam a insulin dependent diabetic with cosmo pump for 5 5yrs have been diabetic for 37yrs have filled for diabilitiy for the frozen shoulder which is extremly painful and the pain causes my blood sugars to get extremly high then crash extremly low i have been a brittle diabetic all my life is there anyone out there with frozen shoulder who has got diability at this point im still just praying any comment welcome thanks julie

Yes, I had frozen shoulder about 30-35 years ago ...they said it was a side effect of my being a diabetic for so long ..I was born diabetic in may have been thru it all by now ..My Doctors did a procedure on me that was basically putting me under sedation and breaking both shoulders loose ( sounds awful and it was even with the sedation ) Immediately after waking up from" the Surgery " they took me to therapy and had to manipulate them ...then for about 6-7 months I had to go for physical therapy have the shoulders manipulated  so they would not freeze up again ... like I said it was a long time ago and recuperation was no picnic but it worked and I have had no problems with shoulders again.   I am on disability now and have been since 1982 but it was from a stroke not the shoulders. I had applied for disability a few times earlier because I had   so many other problems but it took a stroke for them to finally approve me.  Good luck with the disability claim ,they have been approving diabetics with major problems lately .I think that they have figured out that some of the problems that long term diabetics have DO CAUSE YOU TO BE DISABLED  !  I am also on the pump now ( for about 3 years ) and that has helped with the brittleness of my diabetics, somewhat , finally.

Those long term complications are just the reason that the government here in Ontario now pays for insulin pumps and subsidizes the supplies for both adults and children.  They've finally caught on to the fact that if one can maintain good control throughout one's life, then it costs the healthcare system a lot less in the end!  Sort of seems like a no-brainer to me!  LOL

Hi - I hope, by now, that things have settled for you.  I have been battling a frozen shoulder for about a year and a half now and fighting it off on my other shoulder (had surgery for another issue on that one 3 years ago).   Needless to say, I had been becoming more and more frustrated because it seemed like over the past 5-6 years, I have had a lot of joint, muscle and bone pain not to mention a lack of energy.  Workouts had become smaller because of it.  To make a long story short,   A doc finally ran a simple blood test and discovered a huge vitamin D deficiency.  I'm now on a high dose that I can only get via perscription.  I am finally starting to see results after spending so long (and wasting money) in physical therapy.   I don't know if it could be something that simple for you, but I thought I'd throw it out there.       On the disability front - are your doctors supporting you with it?  Usually you need a doc to back you up and I would assume that given frozen shoulder is so painful that they would support it.    I really hope things are working out for you - best of luck.

My right shoulder is beginning to come out of the freezing process "thawing" I do not have good range of motion, but as long as I am not reaching for anything, the pain is tolerable. The left is in the freezing stage and if I could voluntarily have it removed. I do not want to give up my teaching position at this point in my life, but the pain is becoming excruciating in my left arm, but I don't know how much longer I can do my job with this ongoing painful condition. Never mind needed the help gettng dressed, and buying myself a bidet! I highly recommend one!