Frustrated and depressed

so im not sure why but some days having diabetes makes me really depressed for no reason and there is no way to feel better but i was wondering if this happens to anyone eles or just me ? Cause it really is frusterating it just seems like another way diabetes controlls me .

As women, it is so very difficult to know if times of depression are due to female hormones or diabetes. I do know that when blood sugar levels go out of the range of normal, depression, anxiety, or irritability is often a side effect. But for most of us, that depression goes away when the levels are normalized. Other hormones can be messed up in diabetics and can also cause depression. My twin sis has adrenal gland issues, probably caused by the same over-active immune system that caused her to have type 1 (like me -- true clones). In her case, the depression is more noticeable, more constant, and related to fatigue issues. For me, the first thing I do if I feel blue is to check my glucose levels and correct them if they are off. Then, I let the logical side of my brain give me a good lecture, counting my blessings so to speak. When I make the effort to deliberately focus on the good things in my life (and there are many of them), i find that the mood lifts. It is worth a shot. I do find that if my levels are LOW, I tend to find that my brain sort of obsesses over anything that I am currently seeing as a problem, pondering on it and "fretting" over it. I am normally a disgustingly cheery person, and so I know that this is a glucose problem thing. Forcing myself to break that thought pattern and to make the choice to instead count the good things in life is what helps me the most. You really are not alone in this. We all have to find techniques that help us in this area. For the most part, my solution does the trick and the depressed moods don't last long. I immediately feel better, I notice, once my glucose levels normalize.

Ugh nikki, I know exactly what you mean. I am goin through the same thing. I get sooo frusterated, and angry, and sad, and most of the time I just can't seem to get out of it :( I really hate diabetes. next week will be my one year aniversary of diabetes. ugghhh. get happy my darling. lol!!

Nikki I've had diabetes since jan. 31 2008 and was diagnosed on my friends birthday. I sometimes feel the same way and my advice is to vent your feelings to a friend. Cheer up girl and the sun will come out tomorrow! 

It happens to me all of the time! I really hate diabetes but i think it has made me a better person. Don't worry about it and just think how lucky we are to have food and clothes and a home to stay in everyday.