Frustrated over the little things

Hey all,

My name's Victoria and I recently joined this website. i joined for support and encouragement and hopefully to meet some friends! I am 18 years old and have had diabetes for 10 years. I find that recently I have been getting more frustrated over little things that would not have bothered me in the past. I end up in tears and just thinking about how much I hate it. I hate living with diabetes. The other night for example, I was putting my infusion site in and the needle became stuck under my skin. I ended up crying and basically having a panic attack. The needle did come out with some force and was really not a huge deal but at that time I couldn't stand it. 

Does anyone else feel like this?


Yes!  There are times when managing my diabetes is no big deal and other times when every finger poke hurts and I'm tired of carb counting.  I love my pump but there have been a few times when I've actually cried thinking about having to do a site change.  

Think it's just a part of life.  Some days my husband drives me crazy but the next day he's the best thing ever.  Some days I hate my job and the next it's really great.  One thing about life, including living with diabetes, is it never stays static.  

Hi Victoria,  Welcome to the website for us!  Sometimes the crazy things happen one at a time, and other times it is a snowball that has no bottom of the hill.  There are many people here that can tell you stories that will make you cringe and hold your breath, or laugh if you relate. Having this disease/condition/disaster for such a long time it is difficult for me to not have seen most of it.  Some things were my doing and other things were someone else doing that I should have seen coming and said no to. But that is part of learning, it is quiet literal to either learn by misdoing or by lessons offered (pee on the electric fence or listen to reason)  we learn both ways, one is just not as painful as the other.  There are lots of friends to find here and you can talk about anything with these folks, they are all friendly and have been there, or going through with you. I would tell you check here for answers first, but that is a comfort thing and you do what and where you need to and check here when you want. This site just changed names and I had the devil of a time getting back in, I forgot my login stuff, as you see I did figure it out. Best of luck and take/use all the information you can from experienced diabetics I know there are some with 70 years in and some with only a few weeks - we are here, I hope others find us - this island called type 1.

Thanks for responding guys! Both of you have excellent advice.

You are not alone! I have lots of days where I call it 'sad-betes' or 'mad-betes' because I have just had ENOUGH! My mom is also Type 1, so growing up and watching her struggle so much and have seizures from lows every few weeks really made me think that being type 1 was a death sentence. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and literally thought my life was over. Watching my mom made me think I just wouldn't be able to do it. I had planned on joining the military to put myself through college and having a big family. I think I cried myself to sleep for almost a year I was so devastated. Things got better though, mainly because I think I just refused to give up. I got an engineering degree with minimal debt, found a great job, and met a guy who was willing to marry me! Now I even have what we have dubbed 'prega-betes'!

I have my days where I hate it and just cry too, I think we all do. But in general we can still be happy and get what we want out of life! What helps me is knowing that I'm not alone, and the people on here really do care and UNDERSTAND! So vent away girlie, as your interweb friend I'll do my best to help cheer you up :-)

MOST DEFINITELY! I want every iota of my life to be NON-DIABETES, and those pieces - even the TINIEST pieces - that have any foundation in type 1 make me feel like throwing a fit. I hate it so much. You are so far from alone.

It gets so frustrating! I feel like my family doesn't understand and that I kind of freak them out when I start crying. I hate not knowing why I get so upset. Thanks for being so supportive.