Frustrated that I didn't catch it

So last night it was time to change my infusion site and CGM.  I put a new one on and I knew I would need two hours before it would prompt me for a bloodsugar. I took a shower then hoped into bed to read.  i got the alarm and tested and was good to go.  I woke up around 1am not feeling well so I tested and I was 230 so I did a correction bolus and went back to sleep.  At 4am I was breathing heavy, had a headache and extremely thirsty.  I saw my pump said 311 so I tested and I was 358.  I did another correction bolus.  I woke up at 7am and felt awful.  I tested again to make sure and I was 430.  I was so confused by why it was climbing up.  I reached down and noticed that I had not locked my pump into place on the site.  It was attached but I had not twisted it for lock down.  I figured that for 9 hours I wasn't getting any insulin.  I feel stipid and mad that my body had to go under that much stress, especially when I am trying to get my A1C closer to 6%!!!! Grrrrrr

I can't say I've done that, but I have forgotten to "resume" after reattaching after a shower. 

I've done stuff like that too. It's bound to happen to everyone once in a while! Don't stress over it, one mistake won't mess you up forever.

I have done that one time before but it was not when I was sleeping. It was just before my appt with my diabetes doccter last year i think it was. It was just my mom and me going to my appt. We had changed my pump site before we left for Grand Rapis. I was sitting in the van with my mom and i never thought to make sure that it was attached to the site. So when we got there we were getting ready to go in and i got out of the van before my mom did and she said "your tubeing is not attached to your site" I looked down and seen it was not attached. So I reattached it to my site, my mom asked if it was unattached the whole time since we changed it. I told her that I did not know. So we go in and wait to be called back and after about 20 mins we were called back they took my high wight and BP and we want back to the room I want to the bathroom and came back and waited than when she came back checked with my meter and their meter and my meter said that I was 420. I dont reamber what theirs said but that made me think more than once so that i know that my pump is attached to my site.

I hope that this helps you not to feel bad that you did not catch it. And I dont have a CGM. So I would not have know if I was going high. I keep betting your self up about it. It happens to everyone now and than. It is makes you think more than once to make sure that your pump it attached to the site.

I understand the frustration!! Think of it as an understandable oversight...not stupid:) And also know that there are many of us out here who have done truly stupid things with our letting your tubing extend onto the stovetop and too close to a hot burner so that it melts in half....or letting a doorknob catch on your tubing only to have your whole infusion site yanked out when you slam the door shut...those things, my friend, are STUPID :P

Don't stress.  It was just a mistake and you corrected as quickly as you could.  Within a few hours your blood sugar was back to normal. 

I'm so thankful for insulin pumps.  When I used to do shots I'd forget if I'd actually taken one or not.  At least with a pump you can see if a bolus was given. 

I have gotten my tubing stuck on knobs so many times and I get so mad at myself for having to change it again. It HURTS!!!

I assume a lot of us on here have done things like that!

I once inserted my pump without ever priming it, so I went without insulin for hours.

When it comes to routines, it's easy to miss or forget the simple (yet very important) details. High BG's overnight are especially bad for me because I find it's really hard to wake up fully and investigate the problem when I'd much rather be asleep. We all have our moments, just be glad you didn't require a trip to the hospital!


yuck! being that high is never fun! as others have said, we've all done stuff like that before! and a one-time incident like that isn't going to screw up your a1c. don't stress about that.

hope you're feeling better, and glad you had a place to vent!

That is not stupid at all! We are all human, and all make mistakes. And believe me, all of us have. But use this experience as a reference in the future and you'll catch yourself if you ever find yourself doing it again.

Be happy that you are fine now and nothing serious happened!

Thanks guys, I am now on day two of being over 250.  I am in the 275-400 range.  I finally put a call into my doctor this morning and I haven't heard back yet.  I changed my site, I tested for Ketones, I changed vials of insulin...nothing.  This is very frustrating.  It makes my body feel like crap.  All I want to do is drink water and sleep.  I have actually lost 2lbs this past two days...not a very healthy way to lose wieght.


I have had 65 years of experience with type 1, but I still make mistakes. i have occasionally forgot to bolus for a meal. One time i was oer 200 before I realized what had happened. 

Sometime last year I disconnected my pump before taking a shower. When I snapped it together again, the connection was not quite right. I had very high sugar, and did not know why. I took a correction dose, but of course it was not going into my body because of the loose connection. I took a correction dose with a syringe, and started to change my set. Then I saw the connection was somewhat loose, there was no insulin entering my body. There was some dampness around the site. i have been extra careful to not let that happen again.