Frustrated with my bloodsugars

hi everyone! I was on the pump for about 7 years and recently went back to shots to take a break. I'm taking levemir and novalog but its seems like my levemir isn't lasting 24 hours and my blood sugar sometimes spikes up in the 400's if i don't catch it early. Now that I'm taking shots i really don't want to go back on the pump for now and really want to try and get in good control being on shots again. If anyone has some advice on how I can maybe help fix this or has gone through the same thing it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

can you split your levemir and take half in the morning and half at night? i haven't taken shots for quite a few years, and i was on NPH when i stopped, so i'm not familiar with all the new fangled insulins yet. it seems like a lot of people split their lantus and have better luck that way. 

have you double checked to make sure your i:c ratio is correct and your correction factor? are you sure you've counted your carbs correctly?

i'm afraid that's all i can come up with. sorry :o( hope others are able to help you figure out what to do! good luck :o)

I would call your endo and ask about splitting your Levemir dose like C suggested. I started on Lantus with only one dose a day, but shortly after had to split it, which is pretty common for most people on both those insulins. They are suppose to be 24hour insulins, but rarely do they work that way for people it seems.


I would add +1 to C and Batts (and they put things so much better than I ever do, too, lol) - I will also add my little mantra that any time anything is changing upping the testing habits to no more than every two hours makes everything a bunch easier.  Driving without looking at the road or a map - always harder.

Good luck and... since it seems we D folk always to find solutions and answers - keep us posted as you find yours!



Before getting my pump in November I was taking Levemir.  My dr. said that it doesn't quite work like Lantus and needs to be done 2ice a day.  I was splitting mine, not 50/50, but was basing it on my bs's and was doing about 40% morning and 60% bedtime.

Thank you everyone for your advice! i went to the endo friday and asked her about splitting my injections and i started doing that. So far its soo much better and I don't have any crazy blood sugars, it even got rid of the lows i was having. Thank you again :)

I just started spliting my Levimir 2 days ago and I've noticed that my blood sugars have been better too! I used to have numbers in the 300s and 400s all the time, and splitting the dose has really seemed to help with controlling my numbers. I'm glad it's working for you, hopefully it'll keep working for us!

have you checked out other available support groups in your area or close to your area? we have groups all over iowa that aren't just D care, but people helping people (basically) to make life simpler. when i was a kid, i was part of a group called "sugar babies" that was a place for children with t1 to get together and play and just have fun and for parents to get together to help each other in whatever areas they needed.

I don't know if you ever work with your local JDRF chapter but if they don't already have something in place for an adult support group I'm sure they would be willing to help with organizing one with you.  My friends (Kecia and Ana who are both on here) and I went to one of the meetings and brought it up with the Outreach committee about getting one together.  We are in the process of getting it implemented.  Something where maybe once a month a group of adults can get together at a resturant or coffee shop and help each other with our day to day struggles.  My endo's office is going to help and I am in the process of trying to get the hospital I work for on board to help as well.  I read the link you put up and it says that there is a fee for the sessions, so atleast this way there's no out of pocket expense and you get to meet other people in your area with Type 1.

See, for me personally, I wouldn't want to just join some random adult support group. I don't love talking to strangers, although I love all you online friends!! (: I have a group of three great girlfriends with T1 who live nearby who are automatic support when I need them. I also have a not-as-close friend w/ T1 that I end up calling on from time to time, like a couple times a year. I've never had an interest in the local JDRF groups for that reason. For me, meeting with real friends (2 of which I grew up with) is more meaningful b/c it's a deeper relationship where T1 only factors in as part of our lives, but we can also talk about our kids, husbands, work, old friends, our crazy parents, etc. I think I'm more than just my D which is why I find that more meaningful...

What I liked about THIS group is it is a paid, formal group w/ a trained therapist. Like, with training on coping skills, etc. I think formal mental health support is a good idea for most people w/ T1, and I think a group experience could make it even more meaningful for me. Depression is really common in people w/ T1, and even if you don't have it, there is inherent stress in living with it. I guess people may not agree here, but I think it's not a bad idea to have a trained mental health professional to support you, and I think having a group of other people with D could add in additional support. Rather than having to go and drink coffee and not know if you'll hit it off with people, I like the idea of a counselor with an agenda that will hopefully give you specific skills and ideas. If this group was in Northern VA, or maybe even in DC, I would totally sign up!

i getcha. i thought you were just looking for a support group in general.

i agree with you. mental health support is important. i sometimes wonder if my high school/college years would have been different with more/better mental health support. but i'm doing just fine now, so i guess i turned out okay ;o)

I am in southern California and I have been actively trying to find support groups for diabetic adults in my area.  They are non-existent.  All I have to say is that having someone you can relate to is really important.  I have yet to meet a female diabetic...  Yeah sure I've seen a few at the convention in San Diego when I was a kid but no one my age that I can just chat with.  Even the male diabetics that I know out here take terrible care of themselves and have skyrocketing A1C's around 19.  I wish I could have gone to some support groups as a child as well because it was very hard getting teased and abandoned in school.  All I know is that when I have kids, if they have what I have, they are going to some support groups and even camp.  I want them to have someone their age to relate to.

Kelly, it's funny, but I've had no problem finding other T1's, but I live in an urban area w/ lots of people. Are you near LA or a big city? (Sorry, I'm fuzzy on West Coast geography!). We must have more chemicals here setting of bad auto-immune responses, lol. :P But, I agree, I love having *someone* I can call at 10 pm and whine "I've had THE worst blood sugar day ever!!" and have them say, "That sounds awful, you should see mine from last Tuesday." My only advice is that you're open about your D, and you'll have people say, "Oh, my friend xx has D too, here's her number!" Good luck!

C, my Mom did have me see a counselor in high school, but I still turned out partially off my rocker, so who knows, lolol... I've already admitted online here that I don't like talking to strangers even thought I'm an adult, (;

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C, my Mom did have me see a counselor in high school, but I still turned out partially off my rocker, so who knows, lolol... I've already admitted online here that I don't like talking to strangers even thought I'm an adult, (;



I understand how you feel. I saw counselors off and on starting in 2nd grade. As a kid, I eventually figured out what I needed to say so I could stop seeing them. As an adult, I just sat there and let them do the talking. The best therapy I ever had was in rehab. I had 2 counselors - 1 mental health and 1 addiction counselor. Both had been there before (recovering from addiction and dealing with depression/mental health issues on top of that). It was more like talking to a friend than anything else. It was really intense - I met with them (and other group counselors) for 7 hours a day, 4 days a week, for 7 weeks. Counseling was my full-time job that summer, but it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I haven't been back to therapy since then, and I don't feel like I need to. I feel like I developed some good tools while I was there and it has helped me get through the last 4 years on my own. I'm a lot more open about talking with people now. I think everyone should go to rehab... KIDDING! :o)

I hope you find the support you're looking for, Sarah. You're lucky to have your friends around you who know what you are going through. Have you tried using them as a sounding board to talk about your feelings/emotions tied to t1? It might be uncomfortable at first, but it sounds like you have a good set of friends who are willing to help you and listen.

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 Have you tried using them as a sounding board to talk about your feelings/emotions tied to t1? It might be uncomfortable at first, but it sounds like you have a good set of friends who are willing to help you and listen.


Esp. one of them, we often talk about the worry of complications, etc. I think I don't deal w/ stress well, so I guess I wish I had more coping mechanisms for that!

I'm glad youre doing so well now!!!