do i was diagnosed at the end of april, this year (2009)..

my a1c a month and a half after being diagnosed was 7.5... great, i know

in september it was 7.6... i was trhilled seeing as i had sky-high numbers over the summer

and i got my a1c done today and it was 8.1.... i'm not happy about this at all. i understand that i am a kid and things happen, but this a1c was how long i have been on the pump and my number have actually been better than my other two a1cs :(

i know this doesnt seem like a big deal ,but it is to me...

don't take it too hard. A1Cs are only part of your control. the SLIGHTEST thing can throw it up or down. if you just got on the pump, you might have been like me and had a few more highs or lows at the beginning with all the fiddling and that could be what made it rise.

don't beat yourself up over it (i hate how much pressure is put on A1Cs).

8.1 is still a good number. heck, my last two were 9.5 and 9.8, up from 8.4 and 7.9!

I do agree with u Batts. It took me about 7 or 8 years to get my A1C down to 6.2. And I got diabetes when i was 3 1/2 years old and I was 14 when my A1C is 6.2

I love new diabetics! You all take such good care of yourselves. I remember those days... =] Keep it up!

Dont' take it so hard.  Diabetes is like a roller coaster.  It is important you eat healthy and exercise.    This time of the year is hard because of the flu.  Any little cold, can bring your numbers up.   Also, if you just got on the pump,  at the beginning you have many adjustments to make to your pump before you finally start seeing good numbers.  If you haven't done so, make sure you give your Endo all the readings  so that he/she can help you adjust your pump.  Also, one thing I'd like to add is "stress".  From my experience with my son's diabetes.....when he's stressed his BGs go high.  Relax, watch your diet, and should be a big deal you have a concern.   Good for you!  Just don't take it too hard on yourself  because your numbers are not that bad.   It's also very important to log what you eat.  This helps you understand what kinds of foods you should avoid.

good luck!  and keep on caring.....but pleasssssssseeee   don't get frustrated.

Your numbers are not that bad!



The important thing is that you are not too hard on yourself! Being newly diagnosed is really difficult- and i was very similar- but the problem is that you can get really burnt out really fast!
Dont focus on your A1C number- just focus on your day to day living- take it one day at a time- and just try to be as healthy as you can- that is all that you can do. Diabetes isnt all about sugars- as you are proabably already finding out- alot of it is psychological- you need to take care of that aspect of it as well.

Good luck!

[quote user="Batts"]

(i hate how much pressure is put on A1Cs).


Batts, I'm with you on this one.  The almighty a1c has become so blown out or proportion it's ridiculous.  Not that long ago I went to my doctor and he reviewed my blood tests for the last 3 months and said it appeared I was doing better.  Then I went and had my a1c done and it was HIGHER than the time before.  So who knows.  It's not the end all be all.  It's one tool we have out of many to see how we're doing.

The A1C holds such power -if it is too high then things can get tense in the doctor office.The worry can creep in on what is going on in the body-and the parent and child can feel like it is a report card--and the feeling of failing comes in .Good AIC-brings smiles---not so good-stress.How do you get around that ?

Control is something that needs to be fine tuned. A few years back my a1c's were perpetually around 6.3, however that was due in part to poor control on my part and not being aware of so many lows that I was facing. Now, with work and tweaking with my pump I am still able to keep my a1c's down around that number. However, now it is more in control, with less lows. I would not worry that your a1c has gone up since you were on the pump. Being newly diagnosed you are dealing with more things than those of us who have been around for a while. The increase to your a1c could be that you are done honey mooning, which will lead to higher sugars. You have plenty of time to tweak basals and stuff, however work with your doctor for this. If your doctor is not concerned with the small increase this time, I would not worry as much.

you are so right!! I hated going to the doctors with my dad because each time my A1C woud go  little up or out of place he would lecture me on the way back home about how i was not doing good enough and should try harder.. the nerves and tension that came with the next upcoming doctors appointment were exhausting and scary... i wish people would lay off and try to understand things from our perspective..