Been fighting with my blood sugars all day :( lowest one was 131 right before dinner. I took my bolus fifteen minutes early, counted my carbs, and ate a healthy dinner.... an hour later i was over 200 again. GRRRRRRRRRR. I know it's prob because i need to have my educator up my insulin I'll be calling her right away in the morning... this just happens like once a week! I am just so sick of fighting with bgs! I feel like I can't even eat or I'll be high and I have extreme morning sickness so even though I'm in week 19 now I still throw up almost once a day and am nauseus all the time so when i feel like eating i really NEED to eat! So i either starve or have a high blood sugar! I just wanna cry :(

OH Chelsea....that is super frustrating. It is really hard when a simple calculation should work but it doesn't because of our darn hormones, then it makes you more stressed out.  It's easier said than done but try to relax, drink some Udon Tea, and work in small numbers...small carbs equals a small correction.  Work your way back to your "normal" carb count once you can figure out what 5 carbs do to your blood sugar in 3 hours.  

Guess I am not the only one. I am 18 weeks and still get sick also. I feel for ya...