Went to endo on wed, my daughters a1c went back up.It is 8.1, thats what it was when she was diagnosed a year ago.We made some adjustments and hope it comes down. You  think your doing the right thing and it just seems its never ending.We are now testing 2 hours after she eats making sure shes in range. Now shes getting lows at school and i get nervous.I'm sure its just a bump in the road and ya gotta keep on going,but there are some days that are frustrating. Will there ever be positive feedback for this disease.


I agree. It is very frustrating and we constantly adjust.  My son's A1C went up too after a year or so of diagnosis.  I just keep reminding myself that his body is doing things we can't account for all the time and that he will go up and down and move around based on his hormones, growth patterns, holidays, eating habits, school, stress, activity level.  All I can do is work to accomodate, adjust, and ensure I keep him as close to range as possible.

One thing I am working on is his Lantus or long acting insulin.  We use such small doses on a daily basis that we don't go through a bottle in a month.  I believe the insulin is not viable for a full 28 days and that it is more evident in a child like mine because his system is very sensitive to insulin.  We always have trouble the last two weeks of the bottle which tends to throw everything off for us.  I have started just this month to swap out my Lantus every 14 days instead of every 28 and so far this month his numbers have been better. Especially at night which is when we have creeping issues.   Not sure of your situation but may help.



Kylie's  a1c when she was diagnosed was 14 (in Nov 07) and in Nov 08 it was down to a 5.2 but sure enough we went in Jan and it was up to 10.3. So we put her on the omnipod and went Monday and it is 6.9. So I dont know if that's helpful but our endo said with the kids sometimes the pumps keep it a little better regulated.