Frustrating site problems

Lately my daughter's sites seem to only last a day and then her numbers start going high. We change sites and her glucose comes down and then two days later she is at 300 again. She uses Unomedical Inset brand. 

One of her sites became inflamed over a large area. About the size of a fist. We think that the insulin wasn't being absorbed and spread out under the skin there but we are not sure. 

Any advice? 



Leave the area that was inflammed alone for a few months.  It sounds like she had an infection there.  I've found some spots that just don't work for infusion sets.  That may be one of them for your daughter.  Was the infusion set cannula bent when it was removed?  That will happen when you get into muscle and it won't deliver the insulin well.

Make sure you're using every skin area possible... stomach, backs of arms, thighs, top of buttocks.  It can be a challenge with kids to have enough infusion site areas.  I'm not familiar with the inset you use, but you may want to call your pump manufacturer (there should be a customer service number on the back of the pump) and see if they have a shorter canula or some other options.  Sorry you're going through this.

We see that some of her sites are like little hard bumps. Some are a little red. Is that scar tissue? Is it caused by the inset or the insulin?

We have had some luck by boosting her basal gradually over the past week. She jumped up to 370 two nights ago just before 10:00pm without any snacks. She ate some pasta for dinner at 6:00pm.

This disease seems to be getting harder to manage. We were doing so well until now.