Frustration is too small of a word!

Hi Guys..

I haven't been around for a little while, so hi again ~ hope you are all well! 

Here's a good one...

So the other night  (around 10:30pm) I break my vial of Novolog.  Of course, it's my last one.. so I call Walgreens to order a refill.  Right, no more refills on that prescription.  So I mention what happened with the vial and ask if they can just let me buy a vial.. and I'll have my doctor send over the refill info in the morning.  No.  Hmm.. so I beg.  Yup, still no.  So I end up having to go to the emergency room and they *give* me an insulin injection.. still no prescription. 

Next morning:  I call my old clinic (I've just moved from one side of the cities to the other and don't have a new primary care doctor here yet) and ask them for a refill.  They order one vial.. which is good, since that gets me through.. but I still need to be seen.  Understandable.. so I call a clinic in the new place and try to make an appointment.  They tell me that they need to call the old clinic and get a referral.  Fine.  They call me back this morning to tell me that when they called the old clinic, those people said they hadn't seen me since 2006 (mmhmmm.. sure)... which is interesting since I just had blood work done there in November.  *sigh*

So now I have to find a new primary care doctor in the new town.. get them to refer me to the diabetes center I WANT to go to.. wait to see if they'll have time/room to see me... and oh yeah, tick tick.. I only have one vial of insulin left with no refills. 


Why does this have to be so difficult?!?!?!!?!

/rant off ;)

becky, oh my god that sucks.

hope you get an appointment soon, you could also call endo's, explain your troubles and ask for "samples".  They might sometimes let you have a bottle or 2, but you can't be choosey about Novolog, Humalog, etc.

on other forum discussions there were renegade T1's who chose never to see a doctor, they order their meds through Cananda where you don't need an Rx for analogs or syringes.  don't have experience there though.

the other thing that crossed my mind is good old Humulin R.  You don't need an Rx and it's about $30 per vial. it is slow as heck but works with similar dosing to Novolog/Humalog/Apidra.  The big diff is you have to wait at least 20 mins before eating and you will peak above 200 at 2 hours post meal.  Other than that it works (I took R for 29 years)

your best bet is to get an appointment and do it the right way, I just felt bad re: your story, pls don't do anything you aren't comfortable with.  good luck.

Hi my name is Vickie and we found out my son had JDiabetes when he was 17 yrs and it has been a battle but he deals with it good, I think. He is now having stomach acks and don't know where it's coming from have anyone you know been through this, it this a part of diabetes, his sugar stay around 300 to 400 very seldom it goes down and that is normal for him.


I would take your son to the doctor right away!  If his blood sugars are that high all the time, that is not good.  I feel sick like I have the flu when my blood sugars go above 400 for a few hours.  He will feel much better when his blood sugars are in normal range.  Hope he feels better soon!


He just seen the doctor on the 26th of May but I guess he forgot to tell her about his stomach problems, those numbers are normal for him.


Those Numbers ARE NOT NORMAL for ANYONE!  Blood sugars in the 300-400 range consistently will eventually make you ILL!  His b.sugars should atleast be below 200..check with his doctor to confirm the range he should aim for.  Did the doctor check his blood sugar and a1c?  If not, change doctors immediately!  He should be seeing an Endocrinologist who specializes in Diabetes care.  Being that he is only 17, a minor, as a parent I would make sure the doctor is aware of any ill feelings he is experiencing.  Best of luck, keep us posted.


sorry, just noticed that he was diagnosed at 17, how old is he now?

Oh my heavens!  Those numbers are WAY too high.. no wonder his tummy hurts.  Is he on a pump?  If so, I would think his rates need to be changed.. Is he doing a long acting injection in the morning? 

His doctor should not say that those numbers are 'normal' for him.  Everyone seems to have their own 'normal' but 400 is not normal for anyone!  Please seek advice from the doctor soon!  Or maybe another doctor if this one is not thinking anything needs to be adjusted.

I wish you the best of luck, Vickie!  Please keep us posted.


Hello Maurice,I hope your son feels better soon.I was wondering how long your  son   has had type 1 diabetes? How old is he now? I hope he will test for keytones often if he is not feeling well. Is your sons doctor an Endocrinogist?  What do his A1c's look like? forgive so many Questions,I am concerned with the numbers staying in that range.

He is 22 now and yes she is a Endocrinogist dr. and yes she did check for keytones but he never complain about his stomach until lately, all of his test are good just the highness

Maurice,Hi again, I was trying to come back to add the reason this caught my eye.We have had the stomach problems.And I always think keytones. In fact I took her back to the doctor because I do tend to worry. We know hers has to do with girl problems,I know that does not help with a guy. I hope he feels better.