I had to disconnect from my insulin pump after three tries.  I developed these really BAD bumps under my skin from the infusion sites.  I had a really bad one that was about three inches in diameter.  This happens every time.......Makes me really sad because I love the pump!  Now it's back to multiple injections.....anyone have any suggestions?  Or is anyone else in the same boat???  Might talk to the endo about seeing an allergist.  Don't know what else to do......

I get irritation, bruises, and sometimes infections, but never anything that big. Three inches? Isn't that bigger than the adhesive? Seeing an allergist sounds like a good idea.

what infusion sets were you using? i use the quick sets and they leave bumps under my skin that itch like no other and don't go away for weeks. it could be you were using the wrong infusion set for your body. or the canula (plastic tube) was too long for your body.

Yeah I am done with my paradigm pump. Can't afford the co-pay on the infusion sets, hate the site irritations, i use the shortest canula you can get. I am very thin, NO BODY FAT. Tired of finding alternative infusion sites, my abdominal muscles are shredded, my leg's/thighs don't work because of my man stuff, my butt wont work because i would be sitting on the infusion set, i have no love handles, whenever i lose a hold of the pump while going to the bathroom the infusion set rips out. etc. etc. etc. Glargean or Lantis for me from now on. The pump has worn out its welcome.

I was using the Sure-T infusion cannula...just a short short needle......Yes, my bumps were much larger than the adhesive....Sorry to hear about your situation Jon....I can relate (To most things except for the "man stuff"!!!!) I have tried so many infusion sets in the past and none of them work...they all give me huge bumps.....Thanks for all of the posts.....

I had this with levemir so had to stop using it, which was a pain as for all the insulins I've tried this gave me the best control.  Apparently the levemir is slightly more acidic and reacted with my skin.  It's defintely worth speaking with your diabetes team, as there may be a solution.