FSU Requested a letter detailing what accomidations I need....and suggestions

I am a freshman at FSU in the fall.

I received an email from the housing office asking me to have my dr. prepare a letter listing the accomidations that I should receive.....

So far I have found:

Ability to leave class or test BG in class

Ability to eat or drink to control a low BG when needed

Extra time on exams to check BG and treat as needed.

Excused absences for sick days relating to diabetes issues

Refridgeration for insulin

Ability to have snacks and food in immediate vicinicty of living and study areas.

Access to water for treatment of high BG's

Access to low carb meals.

Access to exercise facility

Air Conditioning in the event of high heat or hummidity

No classes during normal meal times.

No participation in sports or athletic events when BG exceeds 200 or is under 70.

Anyone have anything else to add or suggest?

Anyone else at FSU?


since you are a freshman, you are going to be eating on campus alot- you might want to get more specific about what kind of foods you need available to you. Also i dont know what type of mealplan they have (my school has an "all you can eat swipe plan" which is horrible with diabetes)- if this is the case you will need to take food with you from your DC- or have access to a smaller plan for only some meal times and the ability to spend the rest of your money buying your own food and keeping it in your room.

Also you might just want to bring up the possibility of extending deadlines (for papers, etc)- ive never had to do it in college but there were a few times in college when my sugars were so high i wasnt able to finish a paper on time. They might have you do this on a case to case basis with each professor- but it might be good to bring it up.

I know my health services gives me a sharps container and when it is full i can drop it off there and they will dispose of it- you can see if this is available to you as well.

Hope these help! ill keep thinking if there is anything else!

also- i run an organization called College Diabetes Network (www.collegediabetesnetwork.org)- which creates networks at colleges/universities. Let me know if you are interested! We are in the process of expanding to many new schools and would love to have FSU join! Do you know if there are any other diabetics at your school or schools near you?