Full body scans

So I was reading another post that said not to walk through full body scans with CGM and Pumps. What happens if you do? I was just told not to go through metal detectors, is this wrong and should I be worried?

I read that one, too. However, since I have a pacemaker, I have always opted for the full body scan, even with my Medtronic pumps and CGM. Of course, they always “see” the pump and CGM, but that’s no problem showing it to them on the pat down. I have never had a problem with the pump/CGM after the scan, but that has been with Medtronic products. I’m currently switching over to the Dexcom G5 for my CGM, and Tandem t:slim X2 for the pump, so I’ll have to investigate further.

Becca @BeccaG3, I suggest that you observe the advice of the manufacturer of your pump and monitor devices - whichever of the several manufacturers that may be.

The recommendations are in your user manual - and they differ from device to device. Tomorrow I’m showing up at the gate a little early and requesting a “pat down”; if I running late I’ll use the full body scanner which my manufacturers say os acceptable.

With the above info being standard statement. I just recently went thru full body scan and no issues. I have the dexcom g5. All they asked was if I had cell phone or not. No issues. They inspected my “bag”. Which is my small 6 pack cooler that I adapted to hold extra insulin, emergency candy, soda, extra sensor and glucagon pen, and my test kit. I carry all that stuff in it and have never been stopped. I had a patch made for it designating it as medical supplies. No issues they have to look in it, but I don’t care about that. I have everything I need for repairs etc when I need it. I also have water and a soda. This way, i dont have an episode and freak out in public.
Cops just usually kinda open it and peek in and say go on.
Kinda a pain to carry, but no worse than a camera bag.

I use the t:slim X2 and Dexcom devices and have had no problems with full body scanners.

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You can run into problems asking for a manual “pat down” in a foreign country. They do not always have the staff and the staff has not been trained. I had this problem at Heathrow once.

What about X-ray machines and metal detectors? I keep getting different answers from manuals and users, sigh.

What’s your experience putting your supplies thru X-ray machines and metal detectors?

@wings88 hi Joy. The Medtronic user manual says to not x-ray your pump. I do not have time and travel often and I put my pump and everything through the X-ray every single time no problems in 10 years and hundreds of X-ray scans. Your choice is to chance it or tell TSA you have a medical device and supplies and let them swab it all for explosives. Adds 10 -15 minutes.

If you have a tslim or a pod you’ll have to check the manual and then again, have them swabbed or send them through X-ray.

Hand held metal detectors are not intrusive to any kind of pump or typical CGM electronics. No problem there.

Good luck and safe travels.

I have a pod and a dex5. Followed the manual and went thru the swab and a patdown exercise earlier this year; Frankfurt was fine, Naples idiots insisted everything go thru the machines and refused to do a patdown. Had to call a supervisor.

So I feel better hearing you just rolled on thru with no gadget malfunctions afterward. I bring insulin pens as a backup, just in case.

Thanks, Joe.

Yeah, me too, in Naples.

I also walk right thru. But I also got the TSA pre check and that usually eliminates the body scanner unless you happen to be the random check. I have been the random check on occasion and all they do is have me touch my pump and then wand my hands. I don’t even offer that I have a pump.

I also carry an extra pump with me in my carry on and they have never questioned it or any of my extra supplies. I do not keep a battery in it unless i need to use it.

I’ve personally never had an issue with the full body scanner. Travelled plenty for work. We just tell them I have a pump and where it is. They will pat the area down and do a swab. I think the manufacturers put that in the manual to cover their butts. But you never know. It’s an expensive piece of equipment to risk I guess

I did have a swab if my pump trigger something before and had to get an “advanced” pat down before. That was fun.