Fun in the snow!

My entire family used to go to my Uncle's house in the Poconos to go skiing every holiday season! We had the best time every year! Do you and your family do anything fun during the winter months?


I live near Tulsa and we got snow this week for the first time in years!  My son got to go sledding for the first time and loved it.  


That is so cool! I love skiing but, I am afraid to do it now because I had a pretty bad accident in 2003, and I've had ongoing hip and knee problems since. I have so many funny skiing stories with my family. We were actually talking about it with the kids on Thanksgiving, and they were like you guys all used to go skiing? Like we are 100 years old LOL

I feel too old for it too!  I grew up in Colorado and remember seeing tons of middle aged and older people skiing, but now I'm worried about hurting my bad knee like I'm 100 years old.

My endo's office in Denver actually used to host skiing days every year for kids with diabetes.  It was so much fun.