Fun names for diabetes stuff

I’ve decided that from here on out I’m going to refer to my insulin pump as an electric organ.


:blush: - go for it! Back when I got my first pump people were encouraged to give theirs a name. I’m a fairly creative person so it’s somewhat surprising that I never did. You just made me re-think that - I’m not sure why, unless it’s because it’s 3:45am and the brain works differently in those odd hours​:thinking:. Take care, fellow night owl!


I think that’s a pretty accurate name. I kind of think of my pump as an electronic organ as well. Naming the different parts of my pump system is fun to me also! I call my guardian sensor Gary the Snail since it looks like a snail and my infusion site Ms. Ladybug since it’s pink. I think it makes it feel a bit more unique and personal. Might as well give my pump system a name since it’s with me all the time :blush: Glad to see someone else gets creative with their pump devices!

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That’s so funny! I always call my dex and omnipod my robot parts. Don’t know why but it makes me feel cooler :rofl:

I also used to call my glucose meter Peter the meter when I was a kid

I keep thinking of naming my pump “Raoul” - I have no idea why except I guess I like the sound of the name. Then I thought of naming it after my favorite female superhero, but “Elastigirl” (from “The Incredibles”) just doesn’t fit, so the search continues.
Of course someone with an Omnipod could name theirs “Dash”…

I might go with Omnipod Prime. But I grew up on 80s cartoons.

I like calling them robot parts. Which would make you a cyborg. I’ve seen a few people with medical implants calling themselves that. It’s fun.

Peter the Meter is great, too.

I did name a couple of my computers after Barbara Gordon, who was originally Batgirl but then became Oracle, superhero hacker extraordinaire.

I suppose you could go with Diana, after Wonder Woman? Female superhero with a lasso on her hip, not unlike pump tubing. (I’ve been rewatching the Lynda Carter show lately. It’s fun.)

With my pump and my CGM (plus a tiny heart monitor just under the skin of my chest), I sometimes tell people I’m the Six-Thousand-Dollar Man (apologies to younger folks who never heard of the 6-Million-Dollar Man TV show).

I remember Steve Austin! That was a fun show growing up. And that name is perfect.

instead of calling it insulin my family likes to call it inserin, idk its just more fun too say!

a lot of diabetics (especially those with pumps, sensors, closed loop systems, etc.) are technically cyborgs!

cyborg: a person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body

Wonderful!! When my young grandkids ask what my Dexcom sensor is, I tell them it’s my On/Off button.


I say my insulin is my go go juice.

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I love it. Keep 'em coming.

When I used to take an insulin injection at the end of a meal (using rapid insulin and having counted the carbs I consumed), we called it “pointy dessert.”