'fun' times

So i'm a new transfer student this semester at a new college so I only have maybe two good freinds so far... anyway- yesterday while eating lunch in the center dining hall was filled with people i've never seen before...
Of course, I was nervous to whip out my meter and humalog but I had to do it. So as i'm screwing on my needle this stupid, big kid sitting at the table across from me is clearly staring at me, and then goes, "Is that a pen?" As I pull off the white/purple thing so the needle is showing, he was like, "wait, what is that?" Then his face changed.. While I said, "Ummm it's herion!!" So now I have multilple people staring at me, and finally someone realized what I was doing and they all shut up.

The kid finally said he was sorry, but I looked at him and just gave a mean smirk. It's way too annoying to be nice...

Commmme on... you have to admit this is a funny situation!!!  Maybe I look at things too differently that other people, but I would have probably definitely played along with the heroin thing... and I know before I was dx'ed I would have been curious as to what some girl was shooting up with at the table across from me.  I remember time specifically when this girl that I knew was freaked out by needles and I stuck one in my stomach(before I was using flex pens) and let it hang there and chased her around... True story... Priceless...  Don't let it get to you!!!

When you tell them it's heroin, after you inject, roll your eyes back and make happy noises. Just me twisted sense humor. LOL

Hahaha, yeah next time I should go along with it more. It's just so irritating !!

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Hahaha, yeah next time I should go along with it more. It's just so irritating !!


It's just may way of dealing with those people (darn non-insulin challenged people LOL) . Being an old man when the time comes I just say if don't like to watch don't because I am going to inject. It's a big world and if they don't like it they can leave!!!! I am not!!!! How about when you see them watching, I like to stab real quick and make a noise like I've been stabbed. Watching the eyes pop out just tickles me. I am an older brother maybe that where it comes from. My daughter who has my sense of humor likes to say,  Dad can't you wait to shoot your heroin, when we are out eating. Got to love that girl!!!


it always funny when you tell people that insulin is heroin as long as it's in the right place at the right time... past experience... no good... lol