Fun with the Flu! Elevated bs advice

Hi, I’m still fairly new here, just a matter of days in fact. But right after my first post I came down with a flu virus after many months of not even a cold! No, I did not get a vaccine this year (Yes, my bad) but I doubt it would’ve helped in this case anyway, as my eight-year-old fell ill first, then 12-year-old and then husband. All three got there flu shot! So, I guess we encountered a mutant strain. As soon as I am completely better I will be going to get a flu shot in hopes of not getting which ever strain the CDC deemed to be the most important for this year.
Anyway, enough backstory. To get to my questions it’s of course about my elevated numbers, which actually haven’t been too terrible mostly because I have hardly eaten anything over the last four days. Granted I wasn’t testing much, but when I did my blood sugar was always between 120 and 180. I was happy to let that ride, as I was sleeping so much that I did not want to go low and add to the misery I was already feeling with of bodyaches and fever. Besides, like I said, I was hardly eating anything anyway. My fever finally broke last night and I’m feeling better today though still congested and fatigued. I’ve got a bit of an appetite again so I’ve started eating small meals. However this “baseline” of no lower than 150 refuses to budge. My fasting this morning was 151, I had one slice of toast to the tune of about 20 g of carbohydrates and a poached egg and some coffee. I took five units of Humalog to cover it as well as trying to drag that 150 down to near 100 - this is about twice what I’d take if healthy. Two hours later I’m 176. Now I’ve just been cruising along in the 150s again. Am I expecting too much too soon? I thought that the fever was maybe the main driver here of the elevated blood sugar. I’ve had the flu before with numbers in the 200s without eating, so I guess this episode hasn’t been too bad as far as overall levels, but I’d like to correct this 150 so that I don’t have to take so much insulin at meal times. However, I’m wondering if just taking more insulin isn’t going to make whatever resistance I’m up against right now even more resistant? Going outside now to do about 20 minutes of yardwork to see if that doesn’t help!

P.s. thank you Russel and Joe for responding to my first post. I wanted to reply directly but still haven’t been able to figure out how to reply to my own topic on this forum? Anyway, that was some good info for me to consider. Thank you!

@Larissah hi Larissa, i am going to assume new also means recently diagnosed.

first - flu. your blood sugars will be all over the place if you are dehydrated, if your immune system is fighting something, or with any kind of infection. cold medicines can increase your insulin resistance so there’s that as well.

regarding that slice of bread: a starting of bg of 150, eating 20g and taking insulin for it, at +2 hours later your bs would probably be near 150- 200 and then drop like you said back to your baseline at +4 hours.

when you are faced with a high that never goes away, or rising blood sugar when you are fasting, it’s time to look at your long acting insulin or your basal rates (pumps).

of course, getting your numbers right while you have the flu is not that great of an idea. first get better, then get hydrated, then work on your numbers. if you are recently diagnosed it is reasonable to need more insulin as your body stops making insulin… which could take months if you were diagnosed as an adult.

regarding “replying” if you are on a phone, or at a PC or tablet, there is a arrow at the bottom right of the text in a post… that’s the reply button. It can be easier to see on a PC (on a PC it even says “reply” next to the arrow) , sometimes the phone fonts blend into the background. my iphone thinks gray on white looks cool… too bad I can’t read it.

hope you feel better today!

Hi Joe, Thanks for the post. I’m just “new” to this forum, though relatively new to T1D compared to some. Late onset at 37. I’m 51 now.

Yes, I am feeling better today, thank you! My fasting was 123 this morning, so it’s headed in the right direction. :+1: