Fundraising at School

I go to a school that does NOTHING for daibetes. Never had a fundraiser, never done an awarness program. I really would like to start one. I'm know who to talk to but I don't know what to do for a fundraiser and awarness program. We have 2 other younger kids that also have diabetes who were recently diagonsed. I want to help them learn a bit about they're desise and help find a cure. If you have any ideas, please tell me.

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Thanks, Rebeca

JDRF has a walk for kids at school.  They can help organize it and everything.  Look on their website.  I am trying to get this started at not only my daughters school but several area schools.  They would get to learn about diabetes and then raise money and then do a "walk" at school to show their support.  JDRF even gives your school something like 10% of what is collected.