Fundraising ideas

This question is for anyone that participates in fundraising walks, what are some of your ideas on how to raise donations, I have such a hard time asking people outside family, we're likely going to do a garage sale, can't

bake, so bake sales out of the question..whats worked best for you??

This past year, I made a video (link: <[View:]>) and sent it to family and friends. In previous years, I've written letters - whatever you do, make sure to spread the word about the importance of diabetes research through some medium so that people understand more about the disease and why we need a cure/better treatment options. I found the video to be very effective because visuals and music really stick with people. If you wanted to, you could probably sell something small like silicone wristbands to raise awareness and donations. A lemonade stand in a public location, like your local grocery store, if possible, would also work. Good luck!

Wonderful video Katie, thanks for the advice..