Funniest Diabetes Moment?

This thread is for sharing all the lighter moments that come with diabetes =D

Here's a couple of mine:

Anybody else occasionally get "spurters" when they prick their fingers? I enjoy "spurters" cause they make me laugh. There's just something absurd about seeing your blood fly from your fingertips. One time I sat down in a store because I thought I was low and my little bro decided to sit next to me... Let's just say that this wasn't a very wise decision... I pricked my finger and squeezed. It shot up about two feet in the air and rained down on my brother(he was wearing khaki shorts). He got really mad :p

Another time we were at dairy queen and there wasn't any room in the trunk and I ended up having to hold an extra carseat in my lap. I was about to eat so I did all my testing on top of the carseat. Turn's out I had a spurter and when I squeezed my finger blood shot out and hit me in the eye(blood burns). I had blood all over my face. (the most pain I've ever gone through for a blizzard)

yeah i get spurters every once in a while too! usually i just get blood on myself though....haha. I've always wondered why it happens though!

Once my family was at my neighbors house with a couple other families we are freinds with. My friends and I were eating dinner at the table and the adults were standing in the kitchen. My older brother got up and took my glass of water (because he was too lazy to go get his own) and was on his way to refill it and use it for himself. I didn't want to have to get up and find another glass so i tried to think of an excxuse for why he couldn't use mine. I abruptly shouted across the room "don't drink out of my glass, you'll catch my diabetes!" (i was just kidding obviously) Of course the whole room picked that moment to go completly silent so everyone heard what i said! They all burst out laughing and they make fun of me for it to this day!