Funny Story!

Today i went to my local Burger King for lunch with  friends. Before i went in to order i was giving myself insulin through a needle at my truck in the parking lot. A mother walking by w/ her 2 kids started to have a fit cause she thought i was using drugs. Next thing i know (and i work for the police department) 2 cops show up and i work with both of them and they knew i was diabetic cause they see me do it all the time and they were telling me a lady called 911 on me for using drugs. It was GREAT!!


Anyone got any funny stories?? Maybe even one that could relate??? LOL

Oh gosh! That is horrible! Isn't it terrible how people just assume it was drug use! ugh that actually makes me P.O'd!!

Jeff that is hysterical. I have yet to have people call the cops on me. However, I am glad to see that she was concerned enough to actually do something. Most people would ignore what they see and just say I saw some person giving himself drugs at BK today.

In the group section there is also a group on funny stories. I know there aren't many in there, but might be worth the read.

hilarious. i've had people glare at me, but no cop callers. good thing you work for the PD :o)

Haha I do that all the time and I have yet to see sum1 stare at me...but great story

One time I was at Chipotle, which is a popular place for police officers to eat lunch, and I was injecting.. I look up and notice two police officers staring me down. I just smiled real big for them and continued on with my meal haha. I thought they were going to say something to me because the whole time I was there they kept looking at me real funny, but they didnt say anything. 

I have peers asking me why do I have my phone sticking out, is that a radio, phone, can I touch a button, etc... I had somebody ask "what is that?" and a person standing next to me (who I hardly know... In one of my classes no doubt) respond befor I could with "It's medical related.... Right?"

Jeff, Good story! How has having T1 affected your work as a police officer?

I hear you bro.  I was a personal trainer at our small town local gym and I've gotten some dirty dirty looks.  When I got the chance when in conversation with the death-starers  I would casually bring up that I was diabetic.  It was always a shock for them considering they thought I was using steroids or god knows what.  The other shocker was they figured most diabetics are quite unfit.  Double shocker.  lol

i was taking insulin at a church thing in my mom's car and this kid saw me and he ran back to the buliding yelling "Janna's mom!" and when he got inside he pretty much told everyone i was doing drugs lol


Did the church try dunking you in holy water or anything like an intervention? lol jk

i was in PE while i was still in high school and i asked the coach if i could go to the nurse. well she asked why and i explained to her that i was diabetic and that my blood sugar was low, then she asked me if i was just lying to her to get out of class.....i hate how people can be so ignorant sometimes

one time i was in an airport because i was going on vacation to florida. it was my first time in an airport with diabetes. i went through security no problem. i was waiting at the gate for my plane. it was going to be a while so i decided to get some food. i sat down and started to blous. someone saw me entering the info and thought i was programing a bomb. this person told a secirity gaurd. next thing i know is that a HUGE security gaurd is loooking at me and i was taken into a separte room to be questioned. once my dad showd them a doctors note i was out.

Its going really good. my numbers are better and now im back out doing what i love

A few years ago I was in the change room at the gym and gave myself a shot. I didn't think anyone saw me, but a minute later a really jacked guy started talking to me about how I shouldn't be doing steroids at my age ( I think I was 14) and that it would stunt my growth and stuff. I didn't realize for a minute that he had seen me give myself the shot, and when I started to explain it, he didn't believe me for a second, until I pulled out my meter and showed him.

this one time when my parents still gave me my shots my dad injected me in the car before lunch and this old guy started yelling at him... random memory i don't really remember what happened after that it was like 10 years ago :-P