Funny things

Kids as we all know sometimes say the darnedest thing. A good laugh or just a small chuckle is always welcomed in my world. So here I ask you to share something funny that has been said or done by your children. Diabetic or not.

Here is our little thing that made me laugh today. Ethan could not remember where he set his cgm. he said mom where is my GPS? HAHAHAHa! Just made me laugh. I said  "Why do you call it that?" "Because it tells you where you are at all the time and if you get of course it beeps and tells you!"

He is just so funny sometimes. So come on I challenge you.... Lets laugh!

That is too funny I love it when kids say things like that it makes it comical!



Last Friday night, we went out to dinner at Boll Weevil with some friends.  First off Colby refused for a good ten minutes to be tested.  He said in the most serious tone, mommy you need to test.  I laughed.  Then he pointed to our friends and asked if they needed to test too.  I said, no, they do not have diabetes, but mommy will test if you want her too.  I have a few times before.  Guess you had to be there, but it was friends thought it was hilarious.

Also, when we came home from the hospital we tested ketones a lot because he came home with a little cold.  So every time he peed, if I was testing his ketones, he would peer into the toilet and say, no ketones mommy while clapping his hands in excitement.  Maybe he expected his pee to turn green or something I do not know, but it was cute.

He also has a toddler version of pronouncing diabetes which is just so funny and cute all at the same time.

And finally with finger pokes I was saying I need a different finger a lot.  To spare his little fingers from so many pokes.  So now he will shove a finger in my face and say in the most proud voice, it is a different finger mommy...even though sometimes, it is the most used finger of the day.

Ah kids, so funny, silly, and cute even under these circumstances.  Good to laugh.

I have a son Peter who is diabetic and 5 years old--His preferred site to inject insulin is his belly, so 2x a day he holds up his shirt so we can give him his injection. My daughter who is only 2 and not diabetic, who in her innocence jumps on the sofa 2x a day next to my son and anxiously awaits when we are done with my sons injection and she can then get hers(with the cap on of course). This always puts a smile on our faces--



Pete and Jules mom

My almost 2 year old got a toy medical kit and went around giving everyone shots in the belly. It took me like 3 days to figure out why she did it in the belly, then I asked her and she told me in her most serious 2 yr old voice "sissy does". DUH Mom!!!