Future insulin pumps


You know there is a pump coming out this year that is touch screen its actually like an iPhone it has a lot of games and programs (apps) its called a cellnovo you can watch videos about it on their website.

It's like we're living in the future, man.

whats the site called and thatss really cool

its http://www.cellnovo.com/ go to products and there are several videos of the new touch screen they have. Its very cool and its due to come out later this year I'm on the Omni Pod so I might switch over to it when its released. It is a tubeless pump though so if you want a tube pump thats touch screen they don't have one out yet.

IM on omni-pod 2 and ive been having trouble with it so ill check it out

Yeah thats how I found out about it, I was looking up other tubeless pumps because I am having problems with my Omni Pod as well.

What problems are you having with the Omnipod?  I am about to switch over.  I want to get rid of the tubes.

i think having a pump that was similar to the itouch would lead to a lot of problems..especially for little kids. they love to touch stuff...

That CellNovo looks really cool.  It looks like it is available in England.  Are they getting it approved for the US of A?  This is great as competition among Insulin Pump makers will only make pumps get better and better, and hopfully cheaper. 

[quote user="Kecia"]

What problems are you having with the Omnipod?  I am about to switch over.  I want to get rid of the tubes.


I would also be interested in hearing about any problems with the OmniPod.  We started about a month ago, and it would be helpful to compare notes during our transition period.




How about controlling your pump through your Smartphone?  Imagine using your Android or iPhone and being able to give yourself insulin and tracking your food intake/exercise and reports, basically the same thing that the Cellnovo does but on your phone via Bluetooth or Wifi or RF.  Why have a whole separate device?

They are working on that as we speak! My endo. was at a tech conference for insulin pumps & that's one of the things there working on. A smartphone app that you can use with your pump. it will track you blood glucose, carbs & activity. Now that's cool!

A cure so we don't have to deal with pumps at all would be even cooler!  haha

My son would love that Ryan!  The future of Insulin Pumps would really be nice then!

Very True as well!  I can tell you first hand from volunteering with my local JDRF group that they are definitely working on it!  And I believe that one day they will!  But until then, that pump with camera, internet etc. would be nice!

For that matter, why not be able to monitor your CGM from your iPhone or Android through bluetooth? It seems to me like it would make life a bit more streamlined....

I'd like to see a pump with an integrated CGM that both use the same insertion, or better yet, a patch, or maybe something that gets inplanted once.  When this comes out, I'm getting one.  I couldn't care less about an iPhone app/camera/Facebook Twitter updater.  How is that really going to make it any better?  You pretty much got that now anyway.  I'd rather see pump companies put the dollars to things that will help us getter better control easier, than worry about sexy gadget geeky features for teeny boppers.

How 'bout a pump that has vocal recognition software.  I could say to the pump "bolus 40 carbs now" and with an extremely accurate cgm it would then say "4 units" and I would say "yes" and it would deliver.  Of course it would be designed to only recognize my voice.  Hmmmm?  Or as mentioned before the photo deal would work to.  Take a picture of what you are going to eat and it does the rest  This dreaming stuff is fun!

I love the imagination everyone has, and it is up lifting.  Who knows what the future holds for Pump Therapy, it can only get better from here, at least until there is a cure!