G5 Sensor Donations

I was lucky to have found a great person who is going to send me some g5 sensors. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am as keeping on a cgm without insurance is really hard. I am writing this email to let you know that if you are able to donate sensors to someone in need, it really can change their lives. Helping each other stay on top of T1D is always going to be a challenge but finding strength in each other is amazing. So a general thank you is not enough to let you know how incredible your generosity is but it is what I can do to make sure you know how your kindness is received.

Hello I have G5 sensors I would like to donate. Please let me know how I can send them to you.


I’m really stuck for sensors if anyone else has some spare I would really appreciate them.

@Cod2020 hello. The person donating these are in the USA. It is illegal for anyone in the US to ship prescription items, including sensors, out of the USA.

Sorry, I was not aware. It’s not a prescription item here and I have bought sensor from the US in the past but did not know it was not allowed.

No worries. I Hope you find some.

Hi Teresa, Thank you for sharing your sensors. I was lucky to find a few people that sent me sensors. But there are many that are in need. If you haven’t found someone to share them with, please send them to me. I have two people that I know are in need. One is local to me. I will share them. I am happy to pay the shipping costs. Just give me your paypal email or let me know where to send money.
Thank you for your kindness,
Andy Cole
1004 Findlay St.
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Hi Crystal, I have sensors now. That is if they each last two weeks and no problems happen. I am possibly going to get a few more from other people. I have seen the need and am thinking about a facebook page that will help people get together and share their diabetic supplies. I don’t know all the issues starting something like that but am going to be reading about it this weekend.

There is just so much need and with insurance plans that change or new technology advancements there is a possibility for those unused supplies to find a much needed home.



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