G5 Sensor Life Extended

I am newer to using the G5 sensors. My first cgm ever and so excited about the results. My sugar levels have never been better. BExtending the life is very important if possible. Anyhow I read somewhere that someone was getting a month out of a sensor. They noted that after week 2 it goes crazy for a few days then corrects again and reads good for another two weeks. My experience on the last two sensors I have used is about two weeks and the readings start to vary. Can anyone tell me if it is true if I keep using it after the two weeks it will start working again. It sounded too good to be true.

hi @Acole I think there was a way to fool the receiver into thinking the old sensor is the new sensor… There is google chatter on this matter:


I reuse G5s all the time. Usually I can get an extra 3 days or so out of them although I did have one last 14 days.
I start a fresh one when the tape is mostly peeled - at which point the sensor is starting to pull out; or when my fingerstick and CGM numbers are wildly off - whichever comes first. I’ve never left one in long enough to see if the accuracy would reset, as that seemed to defeat the purpose.

I thought I would follow up to my question about G5 sensors being restarted after more than two weeks. After two weeks my sensors have started the failing process. Readings jumping around and gaps in readings. I let the sensor and transmitter go through this off and on cycle for three days. At one point the reading came back for a few hours but over all the results of leaving in the sensor after it starts to fail did not result in a miraculous recovery and/or further use of the sensor. I am getting close to two weeks use from each sensor now and sometimes a little longer if lucky.