G5 Sensors for someone who is in need of them

Hi, I’ve been T1D for almost 30 years. I had used the Dexcom G5 for awhile but it was too expensive to continue. I just joined after seeing a post from a member named DanaJane - Dana who was seeking the sensors for the G5 but the forum she created was stopped after a couple days I guess.
Here’s the thing; I contacted a company in the Carolinas regarding sell my left over G5 sensors, they sent me a box to ship them in without letting me know how much they would pay. I was about to send it today but didn’t feel right about it as I know there are people who could really use them.
This brings me to DanaJanes post;. Is there a way I or someone from this site could make contact with her? Looks like she was only here the one time when she posted asking for G5 sensors.

Hi @josephmx welcome. Wanting to give away unused sensors is great. There is no way to directly contact @Danajane but if they see this then they can respond. If no one contacts you then you may want to contact your Endo to see if they know of a patient in need. Beware of any “company” offering to pay you. It is illegal to sell prescription items and it is illegal to buy them without a prescription. The “company” you are in contact with may be a scam or worse. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi, this is Dana!! I hope you see this!! I desperately need g5 sensors and expired are fine!! I would be happy to pay for shipping!!! Ty

Hi @josephmx Joseph!! I sent reply below. You can reach me thru gmail…it is danamace52! Ty!!!

please check your mail, dana

Hi Joe, can you send Josephmx a message that I’m trying g to get in touch with him?? Thank you!

@Danajane the op @josephmx logged on the one time and hasn’t been back. There’s no way for me to contact other than the @ reference. I’m thinking that a longtime participant @Grumpy is trying to also contact you? I hope this all works out.

@Danajane …well, just a little help. She should be getting something. G5 has been my favorite sensor of the 4 I’ve worn, so very little left…and I’m a hoarder when it comes to supplies.

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Hi- I also have many unused G5 sensors I would be happy to give away. Sorry to piggy-back on this post- I don’t know how to start my own post- Very unskilled on social media sites ;). Please feel to contact me at adenerson@aol if anyone is interested.

Hi @vdenerson . If you would ever like to start a new post, click “New Topic” at the top of the forum. From there you can type a brief description, and provide details in the description box below. To the right of your brief description there is a dropdown for Category - I sometimes forget to pick one and the system won’t let you post until you do. Touch the one that best fits what you’re writing about, and when you’re finished click the button labeled “Create” and you’re good to go.
Welcome to the forum!

Hi Kevin, I received the g5 sensors! Thank you so so much for your kindness! Dana

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Hi Dana,
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been really busy. I have the sensors for you we just need to figure out how to get the to you

I just noticed you included your email in one of your replies, I’ll email you there my email starts with josephmx so it should be easy to find. I just need an address if you’re comfortable with that

FYI for future reference or anyone who’s interested - you can send private messengers via the forum without sharing your personal info. Click on the person’s name above their post and click Message.

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