G5 sensors needed

Its been really frustrated when individuals advised that they will send me g5 sensors even animas infusion sets. And I never hear from them again if you no longer going to send anything to me at least be Courteous and let me know .I’m still needing both I dont mind paying shipping

Hi Brittany,

I jest sent you a PM. I still have the boxes here, just haven’t been able to keep up with the forum this week (short week and lots of things to do at work).

I’ll split the sensors between all those who reply over the weekend (deadline 8:00AM Eastern Mon 8th, so that I can go at the post office and buy boxes).

Ok thank you so much I really appreciate it

@danr Did you ever get them boxed ?

Hi Brittany and everyone,

Haven’t been able to do that yet this week, my post office is 8-5 and those fun people at work like to schedule early and late meetings… Will get everything sorted out over the weekend, about to reach out for the addresses.