G5 vs G4

I’ve used DEX for many years; the G4 has been the best product ever! Accuracy was fantastic (as noted in many of the other posts). My question… has anyone else moved from the G4 to the G5? Are you noticing differences? I’m finding the following:

  1. Distance (G4 worked from across the room - and even between different floors of the house); G5 seems to need a proximity of 5-10 feet, from what I’m experiencing (I understand Dex does not agree with that).
  2. Accuracy - is anyone else seeing a difference in accuracy? I wore both (G4 and G5) for the last week. When I check with finger-stick, G4 and blood are with 10+/- points (or even more close); the G5 is off by 20pts sometimes, and way off others. I had one where meter showed 134, G4 showed 128, and G5 showed 195 (all at the same time).

Is this possibly just a bad sensor? Anyone else having same or different experiences while moving from the G4 (rock solid) to the G5?

I have had mine for about a week and it is within range of my meter so far. I will post back if I find something like this as well.

I do however experience the shortened blue-tooth range and have to make a habit of keeping the receiving device or phone on me at all times if I want a reading. Walking away from it is a no go.

I am getting the G5 for Christmas

We have upgraded my daughter to G5 (well, we lost her G4 receiver on a trip, and she was due for new transmitter but not receiver through insurance) and have been very happy with the accuracy. Of course, she was on the ‘pediatric’ version before this one.

We have noticed the bluetooth range is lower now that there is no receiver.

The only other negative is missed data is lost now, where it used to fill in the data missed due to out or range, etc. Not a huge deal, but a lot more gaps in the graph than we used to.

We’ve been happy with it. My daughter likes not having the extra device to carry.

I like that the data is up on the clarity application automatically. No more manually loading the data.

I’ve ordered the G5 for myself.

Katie - thank you for the feedback. I’m on the 3rd sensor change now; and am finding the accuracy of the G5 better than I thought. It could have just been a bad placement (coincidence) on the first one.

Good luck with the G5 for yourself!

thanks again,

  • Adam

I am thinking about updating to the G5. Does it work with the apple watch? I do like the longer reach of the G4. MH

I have been thinking about going to G5 (from G4 platinum). My only interest is to be able to view my BG trends while on the road (iphone & ipad with me, but no laptop or desktop). I’m hesitant because I have heard varying experiences with the accuracy of the G5. Does anyone know anything about the updates Dex is planning on making to the G5? I have heard they have a gen 2 G5 coming mid 2016. Any info would be appreciated!