G6 and sleep

Hey guys so Im not even a month with type 1 and am still really new. my mom won’t let me sleep in my own bed cause she’s scared ill go too low and pass out she’s making me sleep in her bed and she wakes me up every hour to check on me. she said if I get g6 blood glucose monitor she will let me sleep in my own bed. I had dialysis a few years ago and due to ptsd its hard to want some medical device on my body what do I do what do you guys do do you like the g6 or do u prick to test?

Hey Sydney! First of all–welcome to TypeOneNation! I’m glad you found us.
I’ve had T1D for 8 years and for most of that time I was super resistant to the idea of a CGM. I got Dexcom a year ago (it was the g5 at the time) and it changed my life in so many ways. The freedom and peace of mind it gives are unbeatable–and it’s so accurate, you don’t have to prick your finger even to calibrate. Obviously I don’t know how severe your PTSD is, but if you’re comfortable, the g6 is absolutely worth it (in my opinion). It’s alerted me to urgent lows countless times, during the night or during tennis practice.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Hello Sydney. I’ve had T1D for about 5 years. I was diagnosed when I was 53. Needless to say, I was shocked. For these 5 years I have managed with insulin pens and a meter and my control has always been good (at least according to my A1Cs). The problem was that the more lows I had, the more paranoid I became about going low. I only knew two other T1s and really didn’t know much about the current technology. My Endo didn’t press the issue because my control was good and I didn’t like the idea of something that is stuck onto me.
Then I found this site about five months back. I kept reading about CGMs and hardly anybody had bad things to say about them. I met Andy on this site and he convinced me that a CGM would change EVERYTHING. I finally got my Dexcom G6 on Halloween of this year (17 days ago). Everybody was right!!!
I’m finally able to relax and let the CGM do the work. I can look at my sugars anytime and the alarms are fantastic. I get plenty of warning before I go low. This particular CGM would even allow your mom to view your results (no, I don’t work for Dexcom and this is not a paid advertisement).
I’m not back to my carefree non-diabetic self (it’s not going to happen), but the CGM has made a tremendous difference in my confidence. Yes, it’s stuck on me, but I hardly notice it. And it’s waterproof. Yay!!! I will never go back. I.m still not ready for a pump though. Maybe in time.
Do a little research, but I predict that both you and your mom would be very happy if you were to get a CGM.

Hi Sydney @SydSyd02, what Steven @sgwilson wrote is good, and unpaid, testimony and I fully second what he says. Certainly you can have so called ideal HbA1c readings but the A1c is not the entire goal. Yes, the A1c is probably the best single indicator but diabetes management goes well beyond that - I say that even though 40-45 years ago I was involved in development of what is now called A1c.

If your mother was my next door neighbor I’d speak with her and let her know FIRST: that she may be “over reacting” and that her fears might be extreme; yes you may go low but with proper timing of insulin and maybe a bedtime snack “lows” can be avoided - I used insulin for thirty years before BG Meters came into existence. SECOND: I’d tell her that you are a responsible young lady and that you are developing skills and that she should allow you to begin your life-long practice of being your own primary doctor.
I do hope that your situation - both diabetes self management and family - will improve.