G6 keeps stopping

Hey guys so basically I just got my g6 but it keeps saying it loses signal SOOOOO OFTEN its quite annoying but I’m just asking does this happen with anyone else and if so how do I fix it also every time whiffs off but LTE is on on my phone it still loses signal what do I do

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I’ve had Dex for just over a year (started with g5, upgraded a few months ago) and I haven’t had any problems with signal loss. Maybe try deleting and redownloading the app? That usually fixes most of my tech issues with Dex. (Also, wifi/LTE won’t make a difference as long as Bluetooth is on.) Hopefully some other folks on here will have tips as well. Best of luck!

I just finished my first week on G6. Using an iPhone 7. I’ve only had one lost signal episode. It cleared after I powered down/up a couple times. I don’t think LTE has anything to do with the G6 signal - I’m pretty sure it’s Bluetooth between G6 transmitter and your phone.

Hi @SydSyd02,

I haven’t put my G6 on yet, but I found with my G4 that if my cell phone was between the transmitter and receiver, i’d loose the signal. Think on it, where is your phone now? Try placing the transmitter in another location and stop (if you do) wearing your phone on your body.

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This happens on my G5 frequently. I close the app and also turn off Bluetooth. Then I turn Bluetooth back on and open the app and within a few minutes the signal returns.

I still use G4 myself. Does the G6 system come with a Dexcom receiver? If the receiver loses signal at same time it likely is a bad transmitter. Have you discussed this with Dexcom Support?
We are living in a swamp of RF signals and other signals in same frequency band can disrupt your communications. Bluetooth normally is short range communications but Pretty sure that I searched online and found articles regarding “can RF interference interfere with Dexcom”. Are there long range Bluetooth transmitters near you?
“Bluetooth 1.0 can link up to eight devices within a radius of about 33 feet with a capacity, or bandwidth, of 700Kbps. A later revision of the Bluetooth specification, Bluetooth 2.0, can transmit at up 2.1Mbps within a radius of about 100 feet. Bluetooth 3.0, adopted in 2009, increased bandwidth to 24Mbps, while the Bluetooth 4.0 specification, adopted in 2010, has a theoretical range of up to 200 feet. The Bluetooth specification stipulates a minimum range of 33 feet, but the maximum range is determined only by the output power of the device.”
“The inability of Bluetooth devices to function efficiently in the vicinity of Wi-Fi signals is one of the biggest drawbacks of the technology. The effective range of Bluetooth is reduced by interference by Wi-Fi and the quoted figures assume an environment without Wi-Fi equipment.”
Maybe turn off your WiFi router for a test. Also note that there are extenders/boosters/amplifiers for Bluetooth and WiFi. In fact, 1 DIY article is about “This Bluetooth Extender Improves Range Up to a Mile Away”

Hi Sydney,

You didn’t say if you are using the receiver, smart phone, or pump with your Dexcom G6. I use mine with my T:slim X2 as the receiver. I have found that I have to wear my pump on the same side of my body as my G6 in order to not lose the signal, while I did when I had them on opposite sides of my body. - - My infusion set can be anywhere, but the actual pump has to be on the same side. - - Have you tried moving whichever receiver option you are using to get a more direct signal? This might help!

Pam K.
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PS: **I did lose the signal when I had them on opposite sides!
Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

Pam K.

Another solution is check the app store and see if it needs to be updated you wont lose a session so dont worry about it restarting lol