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This is a little off topic, but a couple months ago medtronic was running a deal where you could upgrade the 670 to the 770 for 400$ while under warrantee (and eventually update to the 780) The 770 still uses the same crappy sensors, and the same software. However the 770 does not have anywhere near the number of alarms and does have blue tooth. It connects to my phone and uploads my readings and gives a decent scrollable graph. The 770 is much less stressful than the 670, however if they don’t have it upgraded to the 780 and they don’t have improved sensors by the time my warrantee is up in a year and a half I will be going to dexcom and tandem.

Turns out Dexcom has two different apps. I was using the G6 app, which shows the graph. But the Clarity app, which I just found, gives you more of a weekly or monthly overview. So now I’ve got all three. Would be nice if they could be combined.

Oh! Yeah, sorry I forgot to say that. Yes, the G6 app for monitoring (which display I think is far superior to the one Tandem gives you on the tslim itself), plus Clarity for the reports (which I think is more useful than t:connect’s version). But of course they need supplementing with the insulin data.

Hi Henri
I too have had diabetes for 50 years. ( since age 16) I wear the Dexcom 6 and use my thighs. Real estate comes at a premium after years of injections and pump placements. I have not had placement issues with using my thighs. I occasionally will use the over lay patches especially in summer when swimming. I find the thigh area to be comfortable and easy for placement. I am now on the t slim since March and find it pairs up easily with the apps. I too had been on Medtronic for years and when their sensors came out with the 670 I found it to be a cumbersome process and more trouble then it was worth. Dexcom was a breath of fresh air.

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There is an app called Tidepool that you might take a look at: it gathers data from pumps, CGMs and standard BG meters into one location and has been suggested a few times on the forum and you can do a search for the term.
I tried it but on my Mac it says I have to access it using Google Chrome, which is a bit of a headache for me since I rarely use other devices and I’m happy with t:Connect. All of that is to say, since i don’t actively use it I can’t say much about it but it might be worth looking into - it could be what you’re looking for.

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Oh. I see. tidepool.org Seems interesting. It’s a non-profit. Looks like it’s designed for you to manually upload your data from time to time so you can search for patterns and trends. (And then you can opt in to let your anonymous data be used for research.) There is a mobile app. And since I use Android, going off Chrome isn’t hard. But I was looking more for consolidation of realtime data. Ah well. What I have right now works well enough.

It’s weird, though. I calibrate the Dexcom through the pump. The calibration takes effect and the transmitter adjusts the number in the Dexcom app at the same time. But if I look at my Dexcom data on their website, it says I never calibrate.

Glooko is another consolidator for your data, and at least some devices can be set to upload automatically. Others require a cord and a laptop, so not too cumbersome, but not as easy as doing nothing. I’ll be interested to see what the Omnipod 5/Horizon display looks like.

Thing is, I’m on a non-24 sleep/wake schedule, and the software is never programmed to handle that. So it just says it can’t find any patterns. And then I explain it to my endo and she says “you’re going a little low around 5pm. Is that dinner?” And I say “No, (as I literally just explained to you three times in the last 5 minutes,) my schedule changes. I’m nocturnal this week, so that’s my breakfast reading you’re looking at. Unless you’re also looking at data from the week before, too, in which case the timing would be totally different and that would have been closer to lunch (but I’m usually not low at lunchtime)…” And she says “Okay, well, then I can’t see any patterns…” And then we talk about something else.

I don’t know if this helps but Mynetdiary lets me label my entries - if I have dinner at midnight I note it as such. The reason I tried Tidepool was I was hoping it would incorporate MND, but sadly it does not. MND’S reports do show the time and label for each entry though. If the tracker you use works similarly it might help as you try to analyze manually.

Fun! Okay, not really. :grimacing:
Dorie’s suggestion of something that would let you tag entries and then sort by the tags would work, but short of making your own Excel spreadsheet, I’m afraid I’ve got nothing. :confused: Maybe someone else knows of something that does that, though. We live under a rock (just in general, but especially when it comes to apps and data management software).

I’m pretty happy with my control, really. It’s just frustrating dealing with people who can’t comprehend a non-standard sleep schedule.

The only thing I’m trying to work on is my nighttime sugars, which tend to run a little high. But if I eat less at dinner or take extra insulin at that time, I go low at bedtime. I’ve got an appointment next week, so I’ll talk it over with the doc.


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Sorry about that. Usually, I try to stay on topic, but sometimes I get carried away. I’ll be more careful in the future.

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I love putting mine on the top of my thigh- it’s really accurate for me and I completely avoid compression lows because I’m not a stomach sleeper. Just make sure there’s a little meat on the part of the thigh you use otherwise it bleeds and my sensor usually tanks if the blood pools. The only place I’ve had true issues were on my lower back. I’ve had readings that have been drastically off there multiple times but like others have said I just call dexcom and they replace them.

@Tee25 How in the world did you get a sensor on your lower back?! Contortionist or someone helping you? I’m pretty slim and don’t think I’ve got enough fat back there for it to work well! Might try the thigh, though!

I’m able to get the right side of my back fairly well by myself! Left side is a completely different story. When I say back to I mean lower back top of buttock. I have tried a little higher as well, but don’t have fat there either :joy:I do have more than enough fat on the top of bottom though :joy::joy: