G6 location

Thanks for your reply. Before the update I was hit and miss. I just called Apple and they said once the version is updated there is no way to go back. I also went to the Verizon store and the gentleman there said its possible to change but his computer needed itunes which he didnt have .He suggested I try BestBuy so thats my next step

Hello @simbasmother in my opinion, a sensor error is a sensor error and this doesn’t have anything to do with a receiver. I’m running iPhone 14.5.1 and have no issues so it’s not the iOS, again in my opinion. Has Dexcom replaced your Transmitter? Have these issues started or have coincided with the change of the transmitter? Food for thought and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi Dorie,
I finally was able to try out the Sticky Patch to help keep the Dexcom G6 sensor on my arm in place. It helps! The patch stays wet from a shower for about one hour. Have you tried using a hair dryer to dry it before dressing? It feels a bit icky with a large, wet bandage on my arm under my clothing until it dries. Any thoughts?

I just let mine air dry but the dryer is an excellent idea! Glad it works for you.

Hi Dorie,
I haven’t tried the hair dryer as I thought it might mess up the sensor somehow. I was wondering if you did. I’m happy I can use the back of my arms. :)I’m waiting for scar tissue to go away on my lower abdomen. I’m halfway through the year I was told to wait.

Sorry, I misread. If we have a hair dryer around here I’ll try it and let you know. Right now I’m letting nature’s heater do the job😊.

I blot mine with a paper towel and it air dries pretty fast. a hair drier won’t do harm to the transmitter unless you get it hot enough to hurt your skin… then both your skin and the transmitter might be affected. Dex literature (I read this indirectly) reportedly says 113F storage is fine for the transmitter which suggests short term exposure could be ok for higher temperatures. good luck

Hi Dorie,
It has been a hot summer. I look forward to your testing it.

I use my thighs for sensors, alternating with my abdomen. I tend to do it toward the inner part: I’m reluctant to use that area for my infusion cannulas, but the tiny thin sensor seems to do OK without excess bleeding or bruising. I haven’t tried my arms or hips/butt yet. I’m afraid those might lead to a compression low, however, which I’ve not experienced yet (been wearing the Tandem stuff for a couple years+ now).

Wow! Thank you, so much of this information is helpful! I have been on the Medtronic pump for 21 years now and my Endo is recommending the Tandem/Dexcom. I need to make the decision soon but what is stopping me is that the tape for the CGM drives me crazy on my abdomen (and 10 days of that worries me), but I can tolerate it well on the back of my arms. The Dexcom users guide states that the only place to connect the CGM is on the abdomen (for those of us older than 17 years old). It is encouraging to see that it is possible to attach the G6 in other areas. I am hoping that as I transition the tape that comes with the Dexcom is easily tolerated and I may be able to stand it on my abdomen when rotating sites without wanting to prematurely get it off.

Hi @parkerbe! I place my Dexcom sensor on my upper arm from time to time. I suspect (key word) the reason Dexcom has not approved more site locations is because the FDA has not given their “blessing” - but that’s just my suspicion. Practically speaking, some of us have had Type1 for so long (in my case nearly 60 years) that using alternate locations is very helpful. A Dexcom rep told me so long as my doctor gives the okay for me to use my arm it was okay - at one point that was necessary in order to get replacements for a problem sensor if it was placed in an alternate site.
I’ve occasionally used my arm for my infusion set as well I usually keep my pump in a pocket or clipped to my waistband so longer tubing (43" vs 23) kept it from tugging. On the other hand arm exercise - particularly weight lifting - may cause your insulin to circulate faster (that applies for the thighs too). Just a couple of things to think about.
As for tape I do understand your frustration about that. There are a couple of places on my body where the Dexcom tape starts to itch after a few days. In my case it’s so miserable I have to take it off early because I can’t get any relief, even with something like Benadryl. It’s literally just two places so I avoid them, but some people do have problems with the tape no matter where they place it. Sorry to be a downer but it’s something you’ll need to consider. If you’ve already tried Dexcom and want to proceed and tough out the tape, some people on the forum have found creative solutions using Tegaderm as a barrier. Shooting through the Tegaderm might clog the sensor (IDK) but from what I’ve read people have made a small hole and aim the sensor through. Hopefully the minimal exposure to the skin is more bearable. If you do a search for “tape” you should find what they did.

Having said all that - if you’re happy with your Medtronic devices don’t let your doctor pressure you to change - pumps typically have a 4 year commitment which is a long time of it turns out you don’t like it (and this comment is coming from a devoted Tandem user😊) so you want to be sure. Tandem does let you “try before you buy” so I would take advantage of that opportunity if you think you would like to check it out to compare. People who switch from Minimed to Tandem tend to find the fill process tedious by comparison, although over time hopefully you adjust (I’ll just speak for myself - it doesn’t bother me any more). Some people are more comfortable using battery power than charging their pump. I plug my pump in while watching TV, at my desk, even in the car - and we have several “charging bricks” for our electronic devices that work just fine with my pump. In fact those are what I typically use, and my pump charges fully in less than an hour. In all fairness I thought you would want to know so you’re not caught by surprise. I had Minimed’s 504, 506, 507C(?) and 508 before switching to Tandem about 10 years ago and have no regrets; but I wouldn’t want you to have any regrets about making a change so do try one out so you can compare, and if you prefer your Minimed tell your doctor you want to stay with the brand. You’re the one who will be living with it after all.
All the best to you!

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Welcome, Beth!

I had the same problem with the Medtronic tape. Always left my skin red and irritated after a few days. Dexcom actually uses a different adhesive, and I’ve been much more comfortable since making the switch. Even after 10 days, I don’t have a rash from it.

As Dorie says, Dexcom doesn’t have official legal FDA approval for alternate sites, but I’ve also had a trainer tell me unofficially that arms are fine. Dexcom won’t replace a faulty sensor if you tell them you had it anywhere other than your abdomen, but my Dexcom sensors have mostly held up for at least 9 days, with much better accuracy than the Medtronic sensors gave me at any point.

Hi everyone @WearsHats @wadawabbit Dexcom has approved back of arms a month ago. https://www.dexcom.com/en-GB/faq/where-can-i-insert-my-g6-sensor. Because the sensor can be used to make medication decisions, Dexcom has the onus of proof it is accurate and so must conduct clinical (translation:very expensive) testing to ensure accuracy. Cheers :four_leaf_clover:

Good to know about the official approval - thanks!

Oh, right. I’d heard about that and then forgotten. Thanks, Joe!

And to expand slightly the statement @Joe quoted about the Dexcom G6 being classified as being accurate for insulin dosing, laboratory testing of both the G5 and G6 proves that they are more accurate than any BG Meter on the market.