G6 Sensor ASAP

HI. New to the forum and found it looking for immediate help. 8yo daughter’s G6 sensor just failed and won’t have a new one till Saturday. She’s a working actor and has 2 shows tomorrow where we’ll now be without data. These are theatre performances, so looking at 3-4 hours at the theatre x2 - plus school.

Does anyone around the Detroit are have a G6 Sensor we can borrow or even buy for tomorrow? We’ll get our replacements on Saturday and can deliver it to you that day.

Thank you!

Good luck with getting it Saturday! I ordered my daughter her refill sensor end of October only to find out it’s on back order. Dexcom says it’s on a 10 day back order in the mean time she’s had to go back to finger sticks and sometimes she forgets to do so that makes me be mean mother harping at her to check them.

@rondeb17 hi Ron, after surviving 40 years without a CGM, and practically 20 years without a BG meter, all I can tell you is that “it’s possible”. Test more, reduce basal and meal time insulin a few percent if you are comfortable making you own insulin decisions, if not consult with a endocrinologist.

surely there are breaks between sets/scenes, test with BG meter and make you adjustments then.

good luck break a leg

Thanks Joe. We are very diligent with testing etc. and remember our girl’s first 2 years or more without CGM. Just a little tougher at the moment as she’s also a professional actor and has a show opening today. 2 shows. 8 show a week. That being said - we found sensors at a distant CVS and got the failed one to work on top of that! Someone sent me a very interesting work-around for the Dexcom G6.