G6 sensor failure

Does anyone else have a problem with the G6 Sensors only lasting 7 or so days? I get mine in boxes of 3 so the lot # is the same for then all. Day 6 I’ll lose contact once mabey twice for a short period. Day 7, longer periods. 1 to 1 1/2 hours or longer. When reconnected sometimes it’s accurate other times of by 100 or more. Been going on for 5 weeks now. I always get a free replacement. But it’s getting to be a real nuance.

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Hi @duwaynemolendyk I have had some failures and Dexcom just replaces them. I’ve recently had a run of 6 months without a single sensor failure except tape, and I have over patches for helping keep them stuck to me for the 10 day mark. Sorry to hear about the run of bad luck you’ve been seeing, I hope it improves.

Sorry to hear about the issues your having. Below are now from a convo I had with Dexcom support a while back when I called about getting the 3 dashes. That may not be your issue but if it is…

If comes up it means transmitter is having issues communicating with sensor. It could resolve in a few minutes or could take up to 3 hours. Wait a bit then call TANDEM support to troubleshoot before changing to another sensor - they usually want you to wait or troubleshoot before inserting a new one.

When my sensor returns it works fine. I’ve only had one do it more than once.
I encourage you to confirm the guidance with Dexcom. Thankfully they send replacements but needing to us very annoying. It’s helpful to have the lot number in case that’s an issue - if it happens with more than one they may replace them all.

When I talk to them, their friendly and helpful, I tell them these are all with the same lot#. Also tell them I’ll be calling back in 7 days cause that’s just how long they will last. I’ve got 4 more to go with that lot #. So I will have 9 total with the bad lot #. Had no real problem until these three boxes with the same lot #. Oh well.

I’m surprised they’re not replacing the ones you have with a new lot number but I don’t know the process and what’s involved behind the scenes. I guess it’s good to get partial use.
Very frustrating but you seem to be taking it in stride!

Hello. Started with G4, not my first rodeo. During G5, ins cos backed away???, so, I would restart sensor, get another 4 to 7 days!! With G6 have only had 5 sensors go 10 days w/o failure, I have free sensors coming out of my ears! They made the probe go deeper, I am not obese. They have been promising G7 for many months, I am afraid of it! Not real happy with Dexcom or the approval agencies.


Just out of curiosity where are you wearing your sensors? I had similar issues when trying to wear them on my abdomen. I switched to the back of my arm and unless i flat rip it out at work I get the full 10days out of them now.


I’ve been using the G6 for over a year. Just one failure due to tape coming loose. One thing you said caught my eye. All of the sensors in the box have the same number. I’ve never seen that. Be sure not to assume that they are all coded the same.

I agree with Jason who said to try putting the sensor on the back of your arm. When I put the sensor on
My daughter’s belly, the sensor often only lasts 7 or 8 days. Not sure why this is….

I will try the back of the arm with the next 1. Had worn them there for a year or so before and was having this problem with them there. Move them to the abdomen and that went much better. Maybe it’s time to go back to the arm to the arm.

Hi Dwayne. I too have had nearly every one god down at least once during it cycle and just had two in a row just die mid cycle.

I’m starting to think it the place I get them from. It’s USMED.

Going to start on the Omnipod G6 soon so hopefully it’s not a mistake.

Hi, I am going to ask a slightly tangential question on this thread because I see this topic a lot - where to put the G6 sensors. I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary and have been using the G6 for about 8 months. I live in the US and from what I can see/read, Dexcom G6 is only authorized for use on the abdomen (for ‘adults’) while other countries allow for use on other parts of the body. Do a lot of people change the location of the CGM to other body parts or just rotate on the same body part (e.g. left side vs right side of the abdomen?) I’ve never used my CGM on my arm (not sure I would be able to insert it by myself) but it would be a good option to try as the weather gets warmer.


I’m going to start moving my sensor around to different areas. Seems scar tissue builds up. Making the sensor not last as long as it should. Well see. What actually works verses what we’re instructed to do varies sometimes. That’s why I like this site.

I use my arm and upper thigh as alternatives to my abdomen.


I had the same problem with G6 sensors not lasting the full 10 days. I’d been placing them on my abdomen. I switched to my lower back/upper buttock and have not had a problem since.

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That’s where I started, my arm. Move to my abdomen when they wouldn’t last 10 days. Now the same problem. You would think I would have known to move back. Duh


I have been using the Dexcom G6 for about 15 months and only had one failure. The only place I have ever worn it is on the front area of my upper thighs. I rotate from left to right every 10 days. The readings are so incredibly accurate. Very discreet site and never gets knocked off. I know it’s not approved but it works!


2nd rule of medicine: if what you are doing is working… keep doing it!


I learned a long time ago that approved is a logistical issue with the stupid government. If it works in Australia and the UK then it will work here regardless of what the government says. Also use the information gathrred from other users there are several optio s for places to wear and yes scar tissue is a huge enemy to sensor life but so is the movement of your skin Around where your sensor is placed. Certain actions and different body structures can play havoc with sensors and their life span. Also try the free dexcom overpatch and see if that can help your lifespan. I now tape mine down even in the winter months to avoid disturbing the sensor.

I’m new to Dexcom, having just switched from Medtronic.

I had the same problem with Medtronic sensors quitting early and getting replacement sensors from Medtronic. The sensors from both companies likely use the same method of detecting glucose levels.

Here are a few things I learned:

  1. Many of my problems happened at night. Be sure to put the sensor in a location where you are unlikely to roll over and put your weight on the sensor.
  2. The sensors more often quit early if I had some large highs (e.g., over 300) or some lows. They generally lasted the full week (Medtronic sensors are designed to quit after 7 days) if I didn’t sleep on them or put them through highs and lows.