G6 sensor failure

My partner is Type 1 and his Dexcom sensors have been lasting at the most 5 days for the past month and a half. It is good and accurate for the first 4 days and then 5th day bam all over the place and the range is way off and spotty.

I was just getting ready to post about issues and saw this thread. We are experiencing issues with the G6 simply falling off. We have had 3 in a row last only 2 days. Either the adhesive fails or the sensor comes off the adhesive. Dexcom has been good about replacing them, but still isn’t good. Overlay patches have not helped. My son is 13, doesn’t play sports so isn’t getting too sweaty. Wondering if anyone knows of any tricks or gadgets to help keep these things on.

I used to use Dexcom years ago, but now have Medtronic…long story….planning to return to Dexcom.

I also use the back of my arms for sensors, but would like to use my upper thighs. My question is how do you prevent ripping it off when you pull your pants down in the bathroom?

It doesn’t work well on my stomach area and neither did my Dexcom. I wore both at the same time for a couple of weeks, as I had some extras and they ran about the same. Before that, Dexcom would often run 100 points off if on my belly.

Wear looser-fitting pants?

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I’ve found these guards help with that.

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These shields are a lifesaver! My 7 year olds first dexcom sensor came off the white patch on day 2 and since then we use a shield with a lexcam overpatch on top! I also use skin tac liquid Adhesive on the white patch before I put it on. Can’t be too secure with how rough kids are!

Infiniflex for Dexcom G6 Reusable… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09JLFCK57?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Lexcam – Dexcom G6 Adhesive Patch… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082YQFW23?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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The advisors do not advise that location, nor can I insert it myself, so, I try to stay with Dexcom wishes, but, thanks, I might get some help and try this location, saw another post about wearing on thigh, again , might try it, there, I can put the thing on myself

I wear wranglers, am somewhat allergic to mosquitos, so, no shorts. I wonder if the standard fit wrangler will put too much load on the sensor? Since I have free ones coming out my ears, I think I will burn one in that location, thanks for your post. Bob Osthues T1D 66 yrs so far.

The Dexcom sensor is an electrode with two contacts, that’s all. It does not “talk” or “listen”.

If a transmitter has a problem “communicating” with one sensor and it worked with another sensor, most likely the contacts pads of the sensor and/or transmitter are soiled and not making contact or there’s moisture shorting them out.

I’ve had the latter happen 3 times after showers. I popped out the transmitter, cleaned its contacts with alcohol, blotter the sensor pad ares with tissue and left them apart for 10 minutes. Put them back together and within 5 minutes they worked as they had before.

I have had sensors stop responding after 3-5 days, but I attribute all these to bad sites. These sensor give readings that are inaccurate and don’t respond to changes in glucose. It’s the same issue as a bad infusion site. The tissue is not permeable enough, insulin can’t get out easily and glucose can’t get in.
if could be from scar tissue, inflammation or bleeding.

I’ve had good enough response from steel infusion sets used in sites where plastic ones and CGM sensor didn’t work right, that I’d bet that most “bent cannulas” are actually low level bleeds or tissue traumatized by the insertion wire.

Hi Robert. I think the abdomen has been used so much and is “the go-to,” do its effectiveness is known and has the approval of the FDA or whoever gives the coveted :+1:t4:.
I checked with Dexcom a few years ago about placement, and was told the arm was fine as long as my doctor approved. So if you want to try an alternate site - one that you can access and insert easily - it is an option. I use my arms and upper thighs. I find my Dexcom responds to drops more quickly when it’s in my thigh, presumably because the muscles are used so much. But I do find it’s accurate there as well. Speak with your doctor if you’re interested in other sites.

Thanks for the advice, I am going to try the inner thigh, if my standard fit wranglers will allow it, I am somewhat allergic to mosquitos, and right now we are in Maine, the ticks are so numerous they are marching in formation, so, no shorts. If it does not work due to too much pressure, small loss, as I have so many free ones from Dexcom.

Let us know how the thigh works for you. Changed mine to the upper arm and got the full 10 days. Nice

Oh well. Glad that is working for you. I just changed a sensor, it was on my upper abdomen, and it worked correctly, so, I changed sides but kept it higher. I have noticed that those I get from Dexcom work much better than those from Byram, my actual supplier. The units from Dexcom are, of course, more recent. Maybe Dexcom got tired of releasing free sensors? One can always hope!