G6 sensor on arm?

Just checking in to ask if anyone wears their G6 on the back of the arms? I always go for the belly, left side then right side, but saw a youtube on an adult wearing it on the back of the arm like you would with a Libre 14 day. I’m about to switch out and thinking of making a location change and just wanted to read some comments about that location preference. Mary

I wear mine on the side of my arm or above the bend in my elbow - in that location I’m less likely to bump it against something with my clumsy self. No problems with accuracy for me.

Thanks Dorie, I’m going to give it a try. I actually did worry about accuracy, lol hopefully i’ll get better readings…smile! take care

Ya you can do the arm. My sibling who has diabetes wears it on her arm a lot. It does give accurate readings but I have noticed sometimes it’ll give her sensor errors. I have heard the own Dexcom Company hasn’t approved it, but her Endo says it’s an okay site. So give it a try.

Good point - since it’s not an approved site there may be issues if you need to get a replacement.

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The youtube video was a diabetic educator that said there it was now approved but i wondered because its not showing up in the instructions - only belly as usual. But my Endo D-educator also said that people who also wear a pump place their dexcom on the arm or other area to give space and location options.

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sorry meant to say the youtube educator was based in the UK…

Ya you can do the arm. My sibling who has diabetes wears it on her arm a lot. It does give accurate readings but I have noticed sometimes it’ll give her sensor errors. I have heard the own Dexcom Company hasn’t approved it, but her Endo says it’s an okay site. So give it a try.

I wear mine on the back of my arm and have been doing so for quite some time. I find it much more comfortable there. After 10 days it does not itch me there like it does when it is on my belly. Dexcom will tell you that it has not been approved by the FDA to wear on the arm but if your doctor says it is ok for you to do so then you certainly can. From time to time I have had issues with a sensor (unrelated to its location on my body) and had to call Dexcom to get a replacement. I always have told them I wear it in the arm and they will always tell me that it is not approved there but if you have approval from your doctor then it is fine. They have never denied me a replacement sensor because I was wearing it my arm.

I find I get great results from it being in my arm but of course everyone is different.

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This is all really good to know Scott. I seem to go a long time without sensor failure then suddenly will have two back to back. thanks for this advice. m

I find that when I wear mine on the back of my arm I am more apt to lose the signal to my pump. I either wear my pump in my front pocket, day time, or on a clip around my waist when I sleep. I definitely lose it(signal) at night because I sleep on my back so I wind up clipping it to my collar around my neck. Also, when wearing it in my front pocket I have to put the pump on the same side of my body that I put the sensor or I will lose the signal. I use Tandem IQ pump. I have seen people wearing them on their back side either right below the waist or slightly above the waist. Good luck

I switched the the arms because it’s the one location where I don’t get compression lows while sleeping…

My daughter wears hers on back of arm frequently and has very good luck there. Outside upper thigh as well. We did need a replacement one time in one of these “non-approved locations”. When I told them, they asked if her endo approved that location, and I said yes, and they replaces without issue. And, while her endo has not specifically said that, her endo would agree with her trying it in whatever location works for her, so it wasn’t really a lie! :smile: So, try it where you think will work well. “non-approved locations” just means that they haven’t done a formal trial with that location, not that it won’t work.

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thanks for sharing that Rob…i’m waiting to get my tandem iq pump and almost wondering now if i made the right choice because of the cannula to the pump gadget - which brings me to ask you, how did you adjust to all the hard wire attachments? i’m used to the dexcom sensor and always having my phone or monitor - a pump for me is going to add more baggage…lol, but i’m looking for to the technology to keep me in range more than not…i’ve adapted so far to this god awful disease i guess i will learn to cope.

Believe me, you made the right choice. Been here for 40 years starting with daily injections, then MDI, then Medtronic and now IQ. IQ is fantastic, only been on it for 5 months but A1C went to 6.8 after first 3 months. Stay the course, it’s worth it.

Good Luck


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I’ve been pumping for 20+ years and have gotten used to the extras I carry around. My Tslim pump functions as my receiver for my Dexcom, although you could use your cell phone for that instead. And you get a get receiver you can use if you treasure a pump vacation. As far as things physically attached to my body, the Dexcom.sensor is wireless and I honestly don’t notice it. I usually carry my pump in my pants pocket although sometimes I clip it to my waist band or tuck it in my cleavage. You’ll find what works for you.

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@Disco2, Do your research well. There have been other posts about people wearing Dexcom sensors outside of approved areas being stuck with huge medical bills when Dexcom and insurance companies bail out on coverage if the approved procedures are not followed. BTW, I believe Dexcom - New Zealand has the arm site online down under.

Keep us informed by sharing what you learn.

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My son switched to the back of his arm and likes it better there. He was experiencing compression lows initially when applied to belly. It didn’t help that our very first sensor was bad so part of the switch, I guess, was looking/hoping for more accurate readings.

The only thing with the back of the arm is that it did get bumped and pulled the sensor away from the adhesive with his last sensor, but luckily it was on day 9, so we just swapped it out.

Me too. Thanks for asking.

I use the back of my arms because my belly does not have enough fat for the sensor to stay in the interstitial fluid there.