G6 sensor on arm?

Hi Dorie,

quick question, do pump users stop taking long acting insulin if the pump then gives timed micro units 24/7 or until its shut off? or are there special cases to be on a pump and still take daily long acting injections? m

That is correct, Mary @Disco2 .

Only one insulin formulation, usually a “Rapid-Acting”, such as Lispro, Humalog, Novolog, is used with an insulin pump. Some people use “Fast-Acting” [such as Humulin or Novolin], and a few use “Ultra Rapid-Acting” [such as FIASP or Lyumjev] insulin formulations. The pump also uses the Rapid-Acting to deliver meal and correction bolus,.

An Insulin pump is designed to use the insulin as a slow-drip, at rates the user designates in “Profiles” or “Patterns” in place of using a “Background” insulin, such as Lantus.

thanks Dennis, go figure my Doctors prescription mediator or some title not sure…told me the doctor might still keep me on Lantus long acting even when i’m on the pump so i’m thinking she doesn’t have her info correct. this was in a context about a prescription renewal …however, the pump educator there told me i’d get off Lantus or any long acting and just pump one insulin. all the best! m

Mary @Disco2, the pump educator is correct.

I can’t imagine the mess you would find yourself in if you injected Lantus while using a pump.

lol i know right…i was scratching my head but figured her response was safe for not admitting she really didn’t know. its okay…enough people are helpful…

well…you do need a backup plan for emergencies, so you will probably keep an active prescription for Lantus…

I was informed that, if a doctor says you should put it in your arm, then it will be covered.