G6 transmitter life

Does anyone know how many times you can restart the G6 transmitter after you get the “23 days left” warning? I got the warning on March 12, and restarted once. My current sensor ends today. Trying to decide if I can use this transmitter one more time. Day 23 is April 3, so I think it technically still has some life in it. I called Dexcom and they said once a session is started, the transmitter will last the full 10 day session, but that it might not restart to begin with if it’s past 90 days. My transmitter is at day 102, so I have already gotten some extra time from it, but all this stuff is so expensive, I prefer to stretch it all as long as I can. I had read elsewhere that the transmitters actually last 112 days, but I don’t know if that’s true. Just wondering if anyone has personal experience with this?

Hi @lacadu, the best thing you can do is give it another try on a new sensor and hope that the Dexcom rep was correct in telling you that once it starts it will last the ten days.

I use the G5 and have had two different experiences. A transmitter already in use for 90 days plus, allowed me to start a new 7 - day sensor and worked well; I recall that the Dexcom manual says that those sensors should last something like 112 days. On the next transmitter I was attempting to start on the 91st day and the transmitter would not work; I had to dismount the transmitter without disturbing the sensor and start my replacement transmitter.

I hope you have a fresh transmitter on hand - yeah, $599.00.

Thanks! Yes, that’s what I ended up doing. I discovered that I could start the sensor without fulling “clicking” in the transmitter, so I didn’t end up having to waste the sensor. The transmitter did die immediately, so that answered that question! I just popped in the new transmitter and restarted the sensor with no problem. With the g6 sensor, the sensor is designed to break at one end in order to remove the transmitter from the sensor. It makes it much easier compared to the g5, but doesn’t allow much of a chance to save the sensor once it’s broken.

The transmitter lasts 112 days by default. If you use an app to reset the transmitter, I understand you can get a few more months out of it.

A transmitter can be removed from a sensor without breaking the sensor if you are careful. I’ve heard of people using guitar picks or test strips to lift the edges out of the sensor to either clean and re-seat or replace the transmitter.

We use the Spike app & get 6 months + out of our transmitters.

I am on a G5 system and I get 5-6 months of each transmitter. My insurance sends me 1 transmitter every 3 months (4 a year), and I use 2.
I applied to get spike (www.spike-app.com) which is for iPhones and in that app you can reset Dexcom transmitters and use them until the batteries die, not when Dexcom says they die and force you to get a new one. (The 112 days is BS, considering I get 150 days off mine with resetting them, and I also use not only the spike app but also the receiver… so you can still use the Dexcom App or receiver when resetting transmitter