i'm semi-freaking out. i'm reaaaally nervous i'm pregnant. i've been nauseous all week, even when i eat something, usually in the morning. i'm exhausted to the point that i want to leave work just so i can go to bed, and when i do get to nap..i pass out for 4+hours at a time, despite getting 8hours of undisturbed sleep. i've had periods of being warm suddenly and i having cramping. in the last two days i've suddenly gotten REALLY moody and emotional. and my breasts are really sore, a few times this week i've sat on the couch at home, holding my boots because they hurt so much, i can't lay on them anymore either. they are pierced, but in two years they've never caused this much pain and for this long, even when i've caught them on my medic bracelet. and despite having decent blood sugar numbers, i'm going to the washroom more than usual, but it's def not a bladder infection cuz it's not stinging or anything. it's not all the time, but i have noticed once in a while there's a weird taste in my mouth and i just thought it was some kind of bad breath or a weird after taste from something i ate, that i just hadn't noticed until then.

but i'm only at the end of my second week of the birth control patch, so it's only been like 3weeks since my period started last month. isn't it too early to have any of these symptoms?

at first i thought i was just coming down with the flu when i was feeling nauseous at work. i thought i was just tired cuz it's summer and that's why i was exhausted, but my life hasn't been that hectic. i thought the cramping was just from something i ate. the thing is, i'm never sick this long! when i get the flu, i stay home for a day and sleep..and that's it, i'm pretty much 99% back to myself. but it's been a week since i started feeling nauseous and that's not normal for me.

i took a pregnancy test the other day..i know you're suppose to wait til at least 3days before your expected period, but i couldn't wait. it came back negative, but i know it could just be a false negative.

i was at my mom's for dinner(after having a 5hour nap on the couch after going for breakfast with some friends) and the first thing she asked when i described how i was feeling was: are you sure you're not pregnant?

gaaaaaaaaah. my last two pregnancies were different, the first one i had food cravings at like week 3, which is weird i know, but otherwise nothing. my second i just had a missed period and then by week 6 i couldn't eat/look at/smell eggs without wanting to throw up, and i did have a bit of nauseous a bit leading up to finding out and i was emotional(but i had dumped my bf two weeks prior to finding out) but i didn't have any of the other things i'm feeling now.