Gales Creek Camp

Hey Everyone...

My son, Quinton, who is 12 years old is going to Gales Creek Camp in Oregon next week. I'm VERY nervous about him going off for a week. Has anyone here had experience with this camp? What are your thoughts?

On another note: He was signed up to attend a local YMCA camp. However, I've called and called the camp director to talk to them about his special needs and they wont return my calls. I got ahold of a young girl once who told me "I'm sure it will be fine, we can change his food". She wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to explain that he needs time to give insulin, etc. I wanted to talk to the nurse, but she wouldn't allow me to do so. Have you guys experienced this before? How do you deal with it?



My wife, my daughter, and myself went to the two day intro camp two years ago.  My daughter (9) went last year and will be there this year.  Gales Creek has to be the most professional diabetic camp around.  They have a doctor and two nurses on site for the entire 16 weeks.  The last I heard they are trying to find another doctor so they can increase the number of campers.  Most of the conselors are past campers, med students, and type 1s themselves.  They check the kids BG twice a night.  Everything is controlled but the kids have a blast.

Believe me, your son is safer at Gales Creek than he is at home (unless one of you is a diabetic MD).

The YMCA camp I do not know about.  I would either forget about the camp or contact someone higher up in the YMCA management.  That does not sound like acceptable service to me.

For another diabetic camp (it was last week) check out Camp Leo.  It is run by the Lions club and is for diabetic kids.  My daughter has gone to this one twice now.  It is a more tradional camp (canoes, archery, fishing, etc) and is located west of Olympia, WA.  So far these are the only two she has been to.  She was diagnosed in Dec 2008.

She is going on the Animas pump this monday and will have it at Gales Creek.

She may be younger, but tell your son to say high to Jennifer, the tall red-head.  That would be my daughter.