Gaming and Type 1

Hi guys. I was just wondering if there are any (video-)gamers on here? And if so, does gaming help with coping with Type 1? (Taking your mind off etc.) Are there any limitations for you? Please let me know! Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

HI @Rutgerh96 rutger, welcome to Type One Nation, I’ve been playing games since pong was invented (Magnavox Odyssey consoles, look it up it’s crazy)

Everybody needs time to escape. If that’s in books, movies, video gaming, whatever, spending some time in escape can be useful to retain your sanity.

too much time in escape, however, is always a danger because no matter how far or fast you run, you can’t outrun the reality of dealing with t1.

and as far as an old guy is concerned, I am currently playing a little less, but I am using my interest and love of video games to develop AR/VR training and design materials, for my company, based on physics engines, the VR environment for modern factory design has a lot of very cool applications and limitless possibilities for virtual presentations.

and then I’ll close with this: i got really low in a VR headset, and because you can;t tell if you are spinning or if the world or virtual world is spinning, it kind of snuck up on me in a very bad way and put me on my rear-end. glad you are here!

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Yes. I play minecraft.

Checkout Heizman gaming channel on YouTube. Heizman is TD1 and I’m sure would enjoy hearing from you.