Gap in insurance

I find myself in a pickle. Long story short I’ll have a gap in insurance coverage due to a job change (yes cobra but $2500/mo premium isn’t affordable). My question is does anyone have experience or knowledge if this will affect me (type 1) getting coverage from my new insurance once I’m eligible through an employer? I know they can’t reject me for a preexisting condition but can they penalize or increase the cost due to a gap in coverage?
I could get marketplace coverage but it won’t kick in till June so I’ll still have a month gap in coverage.
Thanks for any expertise out there! It’s nice to have a community that understands.

Hi Annie @Ambryan, from experience working in a corporate risk management and overseeing employee benefits, including health/medical insurance plans, you will not be denied access to the plan of your choice - as long as you pay the same as any other employees requesting the same coverage. It is law in most jurisdictions and pre-existing conditions can not keep you excluded.
Keep in mind these conditions were still in effect when I retired many years ago at age 70 - and at that time I had full, comprehensive coverage allowing me access to any specialists of my choosing, at standard rates.