Gary Sheiner's Carb Counting for Pizza

Gary Scheiner is a diabetes educator and author of "Think Like a Pancreas."  He's offering a free 10 minute class on dosing insulin (by injection or pump) for pizza.  Just go to his site below and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Good stuff.


Yeah that was good.  I learned a couple of new things.  A large meal can lead to a low then high because it takes longer to digest the carbohydrates.  If you only look at the carbohydrates and not the timing you'll have a lot of insulin acting too soon and not several hours later when you need it.  Also never knew exactly what effect the fat in the meal would have.  That seems a lot easier to handle if you have a pump.  Gary seems like a nice guy.

I should have paid attention to this info when I was eating pizza last night, watching the game.  

Thought I had bolused correctly and my blood sugar was fine at 11pm when I went to bed.  But woke up in the middle of the night at 347!  Darn pizza.  (I'm sure it wasn't that I was a pig, eating too much pizza.)  

one reason I miss NPH because it was pretty good at dealing with Pizza.