Gastro scare

well, finally had his first gastro episode.  Sunday at lunch my 2 1/2 year old son threw up all of his lunch.  I thought it was because he ate too quickly but soon discovered it was not that at all if you know what I mean..

He had 4 units of NOVO and no food left in his body, so it was a good 3 hours of trying to keep him ''up''.  We did but it was all over the place.  Dinner comes around, he does not want to eat so he were in contact with the diabetes clinic for the next 24 hours.  Getting up every 2 hours at night to check his BG.  Next morninmg he ate about half of what he normally eats ( about 20 carbs)  so we went ahead and gave him half of his insulin.  Now today everything is back to normal.  I thought he was a good ''dumper'' but gastro shot that thought right out the window.  ;-)

Last Thrursday we were at the hospital for his A1C test (8.7)...funny how 2 days later he was sick.  Hospitals are TRULY full of happy fun times germs!


Gastro illnesses are the worst. I remember this one time Cassie had a stomach flu and we had to rush to the ER after 2 days battling it. She was only about 3 years old at the time and her ketones were through the roof. I don't think my wife and I slept for two days straight. We had to get IV fluids to get her replenished as she approached dehydration. We've never had to do this again, but I'll say it again... gastro illnesses are the worst.

Ajm I had the same thing about a mouth ago. After 11 years u would tink that I would kown not to do it .

AI was on spring brack and I wanted with my dad in the big turck and when we got back that thursday I was fine. but It was the nexted day that was not good. My mom was gone. I was over 600. I ate lunch and i ended up thowing it up about 3 hours later. we end up have to chang my pump cause it was not giving me insulin. I was so happy in the end but it is not good when it happyend.

Blech ... trying not to get low when you've already taken insulin is terrible. That's why I hate non-diet ginger ale to this day -- too many times w/ my mom trying to force me to drink it when I was sick!

Do you have a glucagon at home in case of an emergency in the future?

that's happened to me a few times, as well. even though it was scary, you were able to keep your head about you and treat it properly! nice work. the hardest thing to do is force yourself (or someone else) to eat when you feel sick. i'm glad things turned out okay. give yourself a pat on the back for handling it so well :o)

I'm glad you're son is fine and didn't have to be hospitalized or anything.  I got stomach viruses a lot when I was young and I could never eat anything for a few days (so also lots of hospital trips...).  Noroviruses are the worst.

thanks for the kind words.  Yes we do have Glucagon here, 2 actually.  We were just about to give him 2.5 units every 45 minutes but it looked like the maple syrup kicked in and kept him high enough until the novo was out of his system.  Poor little  guy, he loves to eat!

thanks again and hope everyone had a great day.