I have slow stomach emptying and also IBS constipation type. I’m stomach is always bloated and distended. I have to take laxatives in order to have a BM and if I need to go somewhere or be with others I have to take Imodium to stop the diarrhea. I also have Barrett’s Esophaguses due to emptying delay. I’ve tried Reglan, Linzzes and Amitiza with no results. My insulin hits before food so I have lows and highs BG readings. This has been going on about 12 years. I am Type One of 38 years and have had a pump for 28 years. I also have a CGM. I will see the best GI doc at the Houston Med center in September. I say all of this to ask if anyone out there has used the electronic stimulator for the Vangus nerve to contract the stomach muscle or if anyone else has Slow Stomach emptying along with Chronic Constipation? This has controlled my life for too long.

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I think that I do. It doesn’t always bother me, but, is getting more frequent. AND, I’m glad I read your post, because, slow emptying might explain why I’m having unexplained post midnight spikes in BG. I’ve been thinking it was evening protein snacks, but, maybe not. Also, have just encountered quick lows soon after dinner bolus…maybe this is related. So good to see your post, as it gives me something to explore. How did you determine what the cause was for your symptoms?

Lots of research and talking to my GI doctor. It has been getting worse over the years. I am seeing Endo next week and will discuss with her. Because of insurance I’ve had to switch endos too many times to count. I will be seeing a new one at the end of September and by then I will have the results from the GI Specialist. I have previously split my bolus’s 50/50 but I now have to wait until after the meal to bolus and sometimes even square the bolus over two hours. I’ve adjusted Basals to accommodate for this without much success. I will then go high and have to do a correction and then the insulin from the meal will hit and I will be on a see saw. It is miserable. I do not even like to eat anymore. You would think I would loose weight but the lows prevent that when I eat anything I can get my hands on in the kitchen on top of the food still in my stomach.

Let me know what your Endo suggests for your insulin dosing. It is just another layer to everything else that makes this disease so difficult to manage. Only us Type One’s understand.

Synthia Stokes

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I have suffered with this for many years. The nerve damage was so bad I eventually needed an ileostomy in 2015. Before that I suffered for 10 years. As far as the stomach pain and slow digestion it is still there and slowly getting worse. No one has suggested the stimulator and I’m surprised by that.

I’m sorry for your suffering and I can relate. I’ll follow along in hopes to learn and hopefully be able to lend support.

Good morning. I’m not sure of what insurance you have but a suggestion that has worked for MANY - check out Motegrity (prucalopride). If insurance won’t cover, can also buy from Canada which I have done for years. Changed my life. I’m not back to normal but it’s better - a lot better…Let me know if I can help!

I will definitely check into this. I have a friend that has a PhD in Pharmacology and she told me about Motilium aka Domperidone. It also is not FDA approved but can also be purchased in Canada.

Is your medication very expensive even when purchased in Canada?

I was on domperidone previously - that’s OK but this has a different mechanism of action and really targets the problem areas so to speak. It’s a new med so $$$ but I was able to file an appeal and get it covered. From Canada I paid about $700 for 6-mo worth but not sure your dosage needs. I only ordered from Marks Marine Pharmacy as it’s a real RX and I know I’m getting the drug prescribed.

For chronic constipation ( all my life) it was suggested by an INTEGRATED MEDICINE doctor at Cleveland Clinic to use magnesium citrate ( I like the powder form, with a little saccharine in hot water.) The dosage varies — sometimes every other day,sometimes lower dose – you need to experiment. But for me it is a life saver!
I have treated ( successfully !) gastroparesis and achieved generally gastric well being, with COMPLETE PROBIOTICS, FULL SPECTRUM ENZYMES, and aloe juice.
Before, the food would not be digested, so the correct amount of insulin would cause a low, which I treated with more food — then the food would kick in, in the middle of the night usually, with an awful high.Basically food and insulin were out of synch!My family doctor ( no specialist, he) prescribed something he said was used in nursing homes —so I did not fill the prescription, but researched and tried things . Glad I did!
The references that helped me a lot were (free) and (inexpensive memebership)
Listen to all the advice you can get ( whether they are specialists or other T1Ds) — but ultimately it is your body, you know best what works.
Good luck!

I have gastroparesis. I had the stimulator placed earlier this year. It doesn’t actually help the stomach digest food, it is to help the nausea and vomiting. I had a PegJ tube placed last year, so I am tube fed also. I hope you get answers from the GI.

In many ways my type 1 is like yours. 40 years with type 1, on a pump for 30 yrs or so and CGM. Fluid levels up and down, eating changes etc., was ripe for constipation/diarrhea. Many years ago I started taking metamucil which balances body fluids and helps prevent both…and it does not have stimulants which can cause dependence. Keeping bowels moving has a huge impact on BS control for me. I hope you can get some relief from conditions causing such misery. Take Care!

I purchased Magnesium Citrate in tablet form years ago but never had any success. I will try your method. Does it cause diarrhea? Today my Endo NP gave me the highest dosage of Linzess made. My GI prescribed it a couple of years ago in lower dosage and it did nothing. Thank you for your suggestions. What works is what I need.

Thank all of you for these suggestions. Tonya I am sorry you had to go to a feeding tube. How long have you had Diabetes and how old are you if you do not mind me asking.

It can cause diarrhea — you have to determine your dosage. Start with a very low dose and work up to 2 teaspoons in 1/4 cup of hot water in the evening, so it will take effect the next morning. It will be very sour, which is how I took it for the longest time… then I added some saccharin (pink packets)***, and it tastes great. I vary the amount, depending how it worked – some nights I forget, and can even skip a day or two.

All I can say is that I wouldn;t be without it… I feel that I am in control, and I like that it is a supplement and not a laxative. Magnesium ( which I also take as magnesium threonate) keeps me from getting cramps in my legs at night, and is also good for the heart muscle ( which diabetics need to baby, as you must know). For me it’s a win-win. I hope it works for you. I would recommend the powder and not the pill because I control the amount. I use the NATURAL VITALITY, unflavored. although it comes in lemon or raspberry flavor which I don’t care for.

Obviously don’t repeat the dose until you have some results – and don;t take it with your Linzess.

Hope this helps!

*** — the only artificial sweetener that has been used throughout the 20th century without ill effects.

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Interesting about the Sweet n Low. I had to stop using that years ago because it put me in gastric distress. I will try it with Splenda or something. Maybe a little honey but not much. Thank you again for these suggestions. I actually have a little hope just talking to others about it. A little hope can go a long way.

Metamucil is available in sugar free smooth texture orange flavor. Mix with water or sugar free non carbonated drink. The psyllium fiber seed is the key. It attracts fluid for bowel movement and also helps control diarrhea. It takes 1 to 2 days. Marcus

Marcus. That was one of my first tries years ago. All of the OTC and scripts so far have not worked. I even turned to colonics at one time. It worked but once a week at $100 and driving 45 minutes each way was not reasonable. Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi, I have the gastricparesis. I am lucky though as I don’t have diabetes, my doctors keep checking but it always comes back saying I don’t have it. I want to thank all of you for all your wonderful information!! I never connected my constipation with my stomach emptying problems, but now it makes sense. I have some new medications I can go to my GI doctor with to try and get some relief!! I’m sorry that you have it so much worse than I do, I feel bad complaining about just having the small problems I have.

I hope you find some help soon.

You are not complaining and any sharing of ideas and information is welcome. Has your GI doctor determined another cause of your Gastroparesis?

No they don’t. I do have other autoimmune disorders.
I hope you find relief soon.

I stopped the Linzess after one week with no success and purchased the Calm Magnesium Citrate powder. I took 1/2 a teaspoon last night. No results. I will try one teaspoon tonight and if that does nothing go directly to two teaspoons tomorrow night. I did not see the unflavored on Amazon and got the lemon flavor and added a little honey. Tastes just as horrible as the liquid when prepping for a colonoscopy. Hoping for some movement so to speak.