Don’t take too much too soon ! Skip day before you try two teaspoons.
And add a touch more honey — if it tasted too awful you will not stick with it.

Sorry to keep bothering you with this. I have been off the Linzess since Saturday night after 7 days with no results. Took laxative Sunday night and had productive day on Monday. I began the Magnesium Citrate Monday night titration up to 2 teaspoons tonight with 1/4 cup of hot water and now using Stevia to sweeten. This will be my 5th night on the Magnesium Citrate. My question is how many days did you take the Magnesium Citrate before you saw results? I’ve always been successful before when I had the liquid prep for a procedure. Thank you.

No bother at all. I only hope that what I experienced helps you. In the beginning ( 4,5 years ago) I had good results the next day,and stayed with 2 t. each night… then realized recently that I could take less occasionally, or even skip a day or two.
You need to experiment and see what works for you. A lot depends, I think, on what you eat and how much roughage is consumed… and always, water!
In all this time I have had diarrhea only once, and it seemed therapeutic. Skipped a couple of days, and went back to my 2 t/day.
I do hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to share —

It just occurred to me that if you suffer from gastroparesis, it could affect you whole digestive system – i.e. EVERYTHING slows down, not just the digestion of food, but also the effect of magnesium citrate.
I faithfully take Full Spectrum Enzymes with my noon and evening meals , take complete probiotics ( 2 pills once a day) and used to drink a jigger of aloe juice in the morning, although I have discontinued the latter. All these were to aid digestion and avoid gastroparesis which was pretty bad at one time ( ended up with high highs and low lows in trying to compensate and never getting it right.)
This protocol might be helping me to allow magnesium citrate to resolve my lifelong constipation.

Here’s what came across my desk this morning: (I quote relevant part)
Q: Can gastroparesis cause severe constipation?A: Constipation is one of the severe symptoms of gastroparesis. This symptom usually occurs together with stomach bloating. Studies suggest that gastroparesis patients with energy-deficient diets are more likely to experience constipation.8 This symptom may also occur in patients with intestinal pseudo obstruction.9Frequently Asked Questions About Gastroparesis

Wow… Thank you for that information. Validation of my experience means a lot. If it is not too much trouble could you please give me the reference for that information. I would like to be able to show it to my new GI doctor.

Thank you for your continued communication with me. No luck so far with Magnesium Citrate after five days. I also tried an enema but I did not expect it to work anyway as my issue seems to be in the small intestine. Tonight I go back to laxative because I need the relief.

I am going to look at diet for energy. See what I can do there.


I’ve found the answer to my IBS-C and stomach emptying issue. A newly approved FDA medicine called Motegrity. Has been approved in Canada and Israel for awhile. I am now regular daily and because of this my stomach empties. I actually feel hungry. The medicine is not covered by my insurance of course and cash price is $500. There is a Shire coupon that brought my out of pocket cost down to $140. I had to ask my GI doc for this medicine.

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