Hi all!

I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. I have researched it and yea, I am not a big fan haha. The symptoms are brutal! I was just wondering if anyone else had it and any tips they have??


I was

Did you get dx by a doctor?

I was having stomach, nasuea and such problems for a number of years and one of the things my doctor looked into was gastroparesis. I ended up going to another doctor when everything my original doctor could think of ended up not being the problem. My new doctor suggested fibre supplements and dx me with mild IBS. I dont take the supplements often, but I avoid carbonated drinks, popcorn and gum as directed also by my new doctor...all those things put air in your colon and can cause similar symptoms to what I see listed for gastroparesis. Works like a charm.

I have Gastroparesis and from what I have researched there is great variaety in symptoms.  For me sugar free carbonated drinks and digestive enzymes are a blessing.  Neither of the articles below are as good as something I read a couple yeras ago, some details are better than none.