G'day from a new member, from the land Downunder :)

Hi there - I'm a T1, dx Sept 2008.

No prior family history of any diabetes and then within two weeks of each other my 6 yo nephew and I were both admitted to ER and dx with type 1.

 I'm still getting the hang of how my body responds to food/exercise/insulin - it's like a balancing act!

I live in Melbourne, Australia and am currently using a Minimed 722 Paradigm pump.

Look forward to getting to know you all, learn from you and share/swap stories :)


Welcome!  :)

P.S. You have a beautiful country - I visited Sydney and a couple of other areas in 2008.  It was gorgeous!

welcome to juvenation! this is an amazing place (site) to be :o)

Welcome! this site is really helpful!

You're the only other Aussie i've come across on here actually, i'm from WA :)

I was Dx in Sept 2008  as well  .... at age of 30


Welcome! I was dx Sept 1982. Must be a good month for dx!

I have family that lives in the Perth area.

Thanks so much for your warm welcome :)

I was diagnosed on September 8, 1998.  Ten years before you, haha. 

Welcome to Juvenation!  It is a great site.

Angel Kitty. Wow thats almost beleivable. I think you will fit in here just fine.

Hi Angel Kitty !! Welcome to Juvenation ! You will find that this site is very helpful in many ways. It is a site to learn more about T1 from others that know exactly what your going through and also a site for support and well sometimes a place to vent lol I hope you enjoy it as much as I have !!

Take Care :)


Welcome AngelKitty!!!!! Ha, got you beat I was dx'ed aug./08 LOL This is a really great place for us Club 1. Oh, I was dx'ed at 52. Again A Very Warm Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks you guys!  :)