Gene Therapy Research - Any Views?

Recently came across few articles on research for cure of T1D. any views from veterans in this forum?

Dr Gittes - Gene Therapy

Dr Roep

Please stop posting this stuff. Anything with the words diabetes and cure are insulting. Ive been a diabetic for 37 years, since my diagnosis in 1985 those sleazebags also known as the JDRF would come out and announce a cure was just around the corner every 5 years like clockwork. We longtime diabetics are tired of seeing this stuff. You need to desperately come to terms with your child being a diabetic for the rest of their life.

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Dear Jason,
totally respect your views and will stop sharing such news. I can understand your position based on your 37 years experience but to be honest it’s hard for a parent to be pessimist specially when i am a technologists who had seen tremendous transformation in last 5 years. I want to be optimist for the future of my son and with the speed that Biotechnology is moving, i want to believe that he’ll be out of this at some point in his life.
My intention was to get views from others as many of members must be talking to their doctors, must be involved in trials etc.
my intention was not to hurt or insult anyone. apologies if it had hurt you.

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Hello @abhijitekre Abhijit, you’re not irritating and being a father myself, I would move heaven and earth to help my son.

I said before that I was unimpressed by technology and in insulin replacement as it is my opinion it means nothing without fixing the autoimmune problem. Today there are many biological breakthroughs and advanced therapies and so the research today is, at the very least, moving in the same general direction as a cure for T1.

Many of our members, immediately after their diagnosis, were consoled by nervous medical people that “a cure is right around the corner” that remark has been repeated for 70 years now. Please understand that for many people with T1 that hoping and praying and anticipating the cure, and it’s nearly immediate release… is worse than the disease itself, as T1 has a chronic and lifelong attack on one’s self esteem, spirituality, as well as the physical component. For many of, us, with decades of experience, we have resolved to treat this in ourselves for the rest of our lives and the hope and promises of this near cure is painful and a desperate trap to avoid.

Anyway I simplify this as: Hope for a cure, but live your life like no cure is ever coming.



@abhijitekre, this has been on my mind now for the last day. Please feel free to post relevant and new studies and technology. Please also vet where this information is coming from because “social media” is not a generally safe or accurate place to “research”. It may feel better for you to advocate for your son, for supporting, or creating if necessary, legislation supporting medical insurance coverage, for controlled insulin prices, for school rights, for the fundraising efforts of the JDRF, the opportunity protection of the ADA, and for individual fundraising and awareness. ask yourself if you are doing enough, but doing anything, even any small thing, will feel better than the helplessness of doing nothing.

If you rattle cages, and make as much noise as you can, you will get attention. If there is attention, it cannot be forgotten or obscured by the social issue “du jour”.

I have always found that if I am not part of the solution, I am part of the problem. If you can pick either side, believe me when I say that picking survivor, or adventurer, or champion is much more fulfilling than picking victim. I urge you to continue, if you have energy or thoughts or talents to contribute or to donate, it is your responsibility to do so.

Cheers and good luck.